Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wet 'n Wild All Access Beauty - Fall Eye Shadow Palettes


I told you yesterday that I've got more palettes coming up!  This time it's a 4-piece collection of Wet 'n Wild 5-pan eye shadow palettes from the Fall 2014 All Access Beauty collection.  These coordinate with the matte polish collection that I recently shared/reviewed here.  As with the polishes, I am still stumbling across the palettes here and there, but that of course all depends on where you live.  I took my display picture at KMart, but actually purchased them from Walgreens after seeing a review that the formula has improved from the initial 5-pan core release, plus I scored them on sale for $2 each (back around the end of is the post late!!).
While I went in numerical order, it actually corresponded with how these swatched - least well to most.  For all of my swatches I used the same order, attempting to match the placement of the pans.  Browbone is on the left, base is the top, definer is the short center left, eyelid is the short center right and the crease is the bottom-most swipe.
I circled the browbone and base shades for this palette since they are hard to see on my skin tone.  All of the shades took building to get them to show up in the pictures.  The definer shade has a bit of shimmer but it doesn't really show up once on the lid.

I actually used Smoke and Melrose for my makeup today and it worked much better with brushes than when I did my finger swatches.  They blend pretty nicely (over primer and a matte skintone powder shadow) but I can see where they would blend together and perhaps go muddy.  I really felt the need to reach for the black eyeliner so that I didn't look so tired/sick with these shades.
Melrose at Night has 2 matte shades - the browbone (circled so you know where it is) and definer shades.  The base and crease shades lean towards the frosty/metallic finish while the eyelid is a satin.  I needed to build the browbone shade quite a bit to get it to show as it did.  As with Smoke and Melrose, the shimmer in the definer shade disappeared even in the swatch.
The matte eyelid shade was a bit patchy for swatching and took 3 layers. The browbone is also matte but it's a bit better formula-wise than the eyelid.  The base shade is one quick swipe(!), but it is frosty.  The crease and definer shades have shimmer; the definer shade's shimmer didn't disappear in the finger swatch as much as the other definers in the collection.
The "browbone" shade photographed much more red than real life, which is more of a hot pink/magenta.
Angels in Aubergine is actually the best palette overall.  As I mentioned above, the matte browbone shade is much more hot pink/magenta than my swatch picture is showing.  The other matte shade is the eyelid - a decent matte black (2 layers to cover slight patchiness).  The definer shade is a gorgeous metallic burgundy with a little shimmer - the swatch is one swipe.  The base shade is a bit on the frosty side while the crease leans toward the satin end of finishes, but still with a touch of shimmer (at least in the pan).

I've only tried one of these on my eyes as of the time of writing this post.  It played much better on the eye, over primer and with brushes, than just using my finger for swatching on a dry/unprimed hand.

I have one more Wet 'n Wild Fall/Halloween eye shadow collection to share, as well as other brands' eye shadow palettes, in the upcoming days...and of course, lots of new polishes as well.

Did you pick up any of the palettes from the All Access Beauty Fall collection?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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