Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette - Swatches & First Impressions


I thought today I'd share a recent palette that I bought in October while I had a 20% off Ulta coupon that included prestige items.  I had swatched this in store around the end of September but hadn't purchased it yet; I'm glad that I waited as I was able to get a bit of a discount.  So what am I talking about?  The Urban Decay Vice 3 palette.  In prior years I snapped the Vice palettes up from U.D.'s website but for some reason this year I never got around to ordering it.  Maybe it was because I was reading/hearing that the quality was different (according to the pros) so I wanted to play with it in store first.

I know that there's a bunch of swatches and reviews already out there, but since this one's still pretty easily available, I figured I would add my input.  This palette retails for $60, which makes it one of the most expensive holiday palettes currently available.  Like I mentioned up above, I utilized a 20% off coupon.  I really appreciate the fact that when Urban Decay does limited edition, they make a very large supply so that hopefully everyone that wants one and has the money for one can get it rather easily.
First things first, when I took the palette out of the cloth case, I noticed that it has a couple deep scratches in the mirror-ish finish.  The worst one is not super clear in my picture, but it's straight up from the "c" of Vice.  Bummer.  It does have a magnetic closure, but I think that I prefer the closure from previous years...I like pushing the "button" to open it.  Fortunately, the hinge does keep the lid positioned to where ever you put it.  The mirror is huge, as are the previous Vice palette mirrors.  Also like the previous Vice palettes, the name is a raised "jewel" but this year it's lime green.  The included dual-ended brush...ehh, it feels stiff, very stiff.  I'm not sure if I'll like the brush, I don't really use the previous brushes either.
Swatch time!  No primer, I just moisturized first...and then between each set of swatches I used makeup remover.  Each one is just one swipe, yes one!
left: Truth, Undone, Downfall, DTF
right: Dragon, Freeze, Heroine, Brokedown
left: Vanity, Lucky, Reign, Bobby Dazzle
right: Alien, Alchemy, Bondage, Sonic 
Last Sin, Angel, Defy, Revolver

The bag?  Cute!  There's a tiny bit of extra room in the bag compared to the size of the palette so if I take this for traveling I could throw in my eye shadow brushes and mascara.
I haven't played with the palette yet for any eye looks, but just based on the swatches I think it'll be good.  I like that there's a nice mix of neutrals as well as jewel tones.  The neutral shades do lean slightly more to the cool side, I feel, which is fine with me since my skin leans neutral-pink.  There's 4 matte shades: Truth, Downfall, Heroine, Defy.  Undone, DTF and Revolver are matte with a tiny hint of shimmer, but I don't anticipate seeing the shimmers as really being noticeable on the eye.  Sonic and Lucky are metallic.  Bobby Dazzle looks a bit frosty.  The rest are more of a satin finish.  None have any chunky glitter like some past palettes, yay!  You might think some of the shades are dupes to a few of the shades in Smashbox's Cherry Smoke palette that I reviewed the other day.  A few of the colors are in the same family but there are no dupes.

I'm off to go find something nice and moisturizing for my face since all of a sudden I can see dry flaky patches flaring up in various spots on my face.  No, it's too soon for that!!  Bring on the extra serums and argon oil!!

Did you pick up the Vice 3 palette?  Do you have either of the previous Vice palettes?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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