Friday, November 7, 2014

Too Faced Country and Rock N Roll Palettes - Haul, Swatches, 1st Impressions


Today it's back to more of the eye shadows I've picked up over the last couple of months.  Side note right now - my computer has a glitch in my editing program right now so I'm currently not happy.  I've tried restarting the program, the entire computer, disconnecting and reconnecting my mouse, etc. and nothing has worked so far.  Computer issues aside, I'm happy to finally get my "haul" and swatches of my last Too Faced product purchases.  I bought these back at the end of July (yes, again, really late with the post) and got an excellent deal.  I had a 20% off coupon that worked on prestige items, plus I made a $20 return in the same transaction.  Score!  Both are still listed on Ulta's site (claims they are exclusive) but they are also on the Too Faced site, so I'm not sure if these are actually limited edition or permanent.  I do know that they are not on Sephora's site.

So let's get to some quick swatches!  I believe I moisturized my hands prior to swatching, but no actual primer was used in the making of these swatches.
Cowboy Take Me Away, Y'all, Dolly
Famous in a Small Town, Paper Roses, Rhinestone
All American Girl, Nashville, Bluebird

Rockabilly, Rap, Ska
New Wave, Pop, Heavy Metal
New Romantic, Glam Rock
Originally I was going to pass on the Rock N Roll palette as some of the shades are similar to the Urban Decay Smoked palette.  But when I was in the store that day, I swatched them both next to each other and decided that the Rock N Roll was different enough to go ahead and purchase, especially since I had that coupon in hand and a $20 return. 

Both palettes swatches next to each, followed by my first impressions based on swatches.
Country palette on top and Rock n Roll on bottom

Overall, both palettes swatched well.  As usual, the lightest shades try to hide out on my skin since I'm so fair.  As normal, when I go to use these on the eye, I will use primer.  Nothing lasts on my eyes without proper prep work...hello oily lids!  I'm happy to say that both of these feel better formulated to the touch than the Pardon My French set.  They are more on par with the Chocolate Bar (current, core) and Pretty Rebel (past l.e.) palettes in my stash.  By the way, if you have these stacked on top of each other, the magnetic spot is strong enough to stick them together a little bit.

UPDATE (11/9/14):  I used a combination of both of these palettes for my makeup yesterday.  Even over a regular primer, I thought that they took a while to get to as pigmented as I was going for, plus they seemed to blend away easily.  Unfortunately, I think I'll have to use a colored base (Milani, Jordana, Rimmel, etc...shadow sticks or Maybelline's color tattoos between the primer and the shadows).  

For the Country palette, I was trying so hard to get the almost duo-chrome look of Famous in a Small Town, Paper Roses and Nashville to show up as best they could that the right row of colors don't show well.  Dolly has a pretty copper fine shimmer and Bluebird has a bright blue fine shimmer.  Rhinestone has a bit of a silver super fine shimmer.  Y'all looks like it might have a bit of glitter fall-out as the sparkles are bigger and the shadow itself is a touch flaky. Cowboy Take Me Away is the only matte in the palette.

I was so focused on trying to get the silver sparkles/glitters of New Wave (Rock N Roll) to show up in photographs that the shimmers in the other shades got lost.  In real life, Pop and Heavy Metal both have a pinkish-magenta fine sparkle, while Glam Rock and Punk have a gold fine sparkle.  Rockabilly is the only matte in this palette.

Now that things are slowly starting to get normal around here, maybe...hopefully, I'm doing my best to carve out time for me to put on makeup when I'm leaving the house.  That means I'll be able to play with these as much as I want, as well as all the other makeup I've purchased then sadly accidentally neglected due to time constraints.

Did you pick up either the Country or the Rock N Roll palettes?  How about the Cat Eyes palette (that one's a Sephora "exclusive")?  Any of the holiday palettes/kits?

EDIT**:  The Country palette is available on Too Faced's site here, while the Rock N Roll palette is here.  

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated - Too Faced emailed me and asked me to add the links after my review was posted

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