Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Smashbox Cherry Smoke Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette - Swatches + Review


I had intentions to get posts up for Sunday and Monday, but neither were very good days around here.  I've actually been working in my office most of the afternoon, evening and into the night with organizing and taking lots and lots of pictures in an effort to get my "studio" cleaned up and back on track.  I've got a bit more work to do before I can get all of my polishes into the drawers - a huge part of that is getting my polish "catalog" updated/restarted.

Anyway...on to the point of this post.  Back towards the end of September I was in need of a little makeup pick-me-up.  I originally went in for a little Too Faced set, but after swatching the tester, I decided I didn't want it (maybe the tester is old and the actual for-sale palettes are better?).  So then I debated on getting the Urban Decay Vice 3, Naked Basics 2, Lorac Pro 2, and the one I ultimately decided on.  I knew that there wasn't a big rush on getting the U.D. Naked Basics 2 or the Lorac Pro 2 since they are both permanent.  But the day I was in there, I wasn't really wanting to spend the $60 on the Vice 3 so this Smashox Cherry Smoke Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette really fit the bill at being just under $40 (not counting tax), limited edition and well pigmented.  I actually hadn't heard anything about this before swatching it in the store.
 I literally just peeled back the "Get the Look" sticker - there's shade names!
 That little black plastic flap?  That's the magnetic closure.
Bare, Shell, Topaz
         Rustic, Dark Cocoa
Unadorned, Oxidize, Ebony
  • Bare (above my watermark) is a good, basic skin tone shade (for me, at least)
  • Bare, Rustic, Dark Cocoa and Ebony are all matte shades that took a little building for the swatches but perform well with a brush on the eye over primer
  • Shell, Topaz, Unadorned and Oxidize are all gorgeous metallics that swatch easily on the first swipe and work just as well with a brush
I didn't really notice much in the way of fall-out when applying, but for a lot of the days when I first busted into this palette, I was in a rush and just used a finger to press on whichever main lid shade I wanted for the day then blended it out pretty easily with either Dark Cocoa or Rustic.  When I have used a brush, I still didn't notice any fallout, even when going in with the darkest shades.  This is very easy to make a smoky eye look; I have to pay attention if I want a lighter look to not go overboard by really tapping off the matte shades.

I've used this quite a bit since purchasing it and am still reaching for it when I need something quick since there's not so many colors that I get overwhelmed &/or just start playing and adding and adding and end up running late.  I haven't purchased much from the Smashbox line, but each thing I have purchased I have really enjoyed.

If this is something that catches your eye, hopefully it's still available at your local Ulta (it's not showing up on the site anymore, and I'm not sure if it was ever available at Sephora).  It is listed on Smashbox's site here, HSN here, and Nordstrom's site here - I've only ordered from Nordstrom's site before.  I do think that the shades are not super original.  All but Rustic have similar, but not dupes, shades in the Lorac Pro 1 palette (and probably would also have similarities in the Urban Decay line).  But I'm still happy with my purchase.

Do you have a favorite Smashbox item?

P.S.  I have lots more palettes to share!! I've gone a bit crazy lately between limited edition and Ulta's 20% off coupon I had gotten!!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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