Thursday, November 6, 2014

Project "Finish This Stuff," part 33 - June & July 2014

**purchased / Influenster sample /
requested sample / g.w.p.

I bet you thought I forgot about my Project "Finish This Stuff," didn't you?  Well, I didn't.  I just kept neglecting to get pictures taken and edited for way too long.  Plus, during the summer months I felt like I didn't really finish a whole lot each month.  So I thought today I would combine my June and July finishes, of course including mini reviews of each product and whether or not I'll purchase/repurchase.

Let's travel way back in time to June, shall we?
Ulta Smooth & Protect with Keratin Conditioner - travel size, g.w.p.  This was actually a pretty decent conditioner.  My hair felt nice and soft without feeling weighed down.  Might or might not purchase - I have other conditioners that leave my hair feeling similar.
Institute Swiss Brand Ginseng Body Lotion - hotel sample.  Nothing notable that I would try to search out a full bottle of.  Won't purchase.
Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara - received from Influenster for review.  For my full review, click here.  Very likely to purchase (once I get through my back-stock of mascaras).
EOS Medicated Lip Balm, Tangerine flavor - purchased from Rite Aid.  This was a nice lip balm; I mostly kept this on my bedside table for using before falling asleep.  Eventually I got tired of using it since I didn't feel it was as moisturizing as what I thought it was when I first opened it.  Then Tomo started playing with it and that was that.  Won't repurchase.
Origins Out of Trouble Mask - sample from Origins store.  I didn't notice much of anything with this mask.  Won't purchase.
Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Boosting 5-Minute Facial, Step 1 - requested sample from counter.  This seemed to be a nice facial step...although I did find it odd that you were supposed to put it on over your makeup.  Since it was just a little sample, I wasn't able to see much, if any, changes in my skin.  I can say that I left it on a little longer than I should have and didn't notice any irritation.  Might purchase (or get another sample/have it done in store before making a final decision).
Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover - sample size g.w.p.  Definitely not a fan of this eye makeup remover.  I find it struggles to take off some of my mascaras (Urban Decay, especially).  But my biggest issue is the rose scent!!  I find it irritating to my eyes.  Won't purchase; these g.w.p. bottles have been delegated to taking swatches off my hand when doing pictures.
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream - deluxe sample from Sephora kit.  This was nice, but I wasn't using it when my hands were at their driest/most irritated to see how well it could really "repair" now or in the next few months.  Probably won't purchase.
Secret invisible solid Antiperspirant/Deodorant - purchased.  Only brand I can use (as far as I know) due to past allergies to other brands.  Always in stock, lasts a long time (especially when you have more than one open at a time...oops).  Will repurchase.
Pantene Color Preserve Shine Conditioner - purchased from Walmart.  My favorite! - just not for my hair.  I use Pantene hair conditioners as a "shaving cream."  I get absolutely no irritation when shaving my legs like I do with other true shaving creams/gels (even when for sensitive skin).  Will repurchase, eventually - I have another bottle that isn't the color preserve line already.  Also, these bottles last forever(!) for a great price!

These last 2 items are products that I "Trashed, But Not Finished."
Revlon New Complexion One Step Compact Makeup (Ivory Beige 01) - purchased from Rite Aid.  This used to be my favorite foundation, but then I got away from it in the way of using liquids and eventually BB creams.  Due to the age of this and especially how long it had been opened, I elected to throw this out without finishing it.  I do have at least one unopened in my backup drawer, but once I'm through my stock I won't repurchase.
Revlon ColorStay Smoky Shadow Stick (Volcanic) - purchased from Rite Aid.  This is the only Smoky Shadow Stick I purchased and I never did like it.  I thought it didn't blend well, even blending completely away, and it would crease.  I only used it a few times; in hindsight, I should have returned it right away but I kept it thinking I would use the whitish side as a browbone/inner corner highlight.  Won't repurchase - these might even be discontinued by now.

Now let's jump ahead to July, which was mostly skincare.
St. Ives Scrub-Free Exfoliating Pads - purchased from Walgreens.  I loved these pads!  This is the second container I went through.  I thought they had a bit of a maple scent to them, but it was light.  Loved it!  I have repurchased (had a heck of a time finding a new one); these seem to be nearly impossible to find in store.  I did just find them on site (link only for convenience).
Mario Badescu Whitening Mask - purchased from Ulta.  I did like this mask.  While it's geared towards "whitening" dark spots/scars, I felt like it also helped with breakouts some since it does contain a good amount of clay.  I went through this pretty quickly, using it once a week.  I just wish I had seen more of a whitening results since I'm really trying to fade post-acne marks as much as possible.  I might repurchase in the future, but I'm not rushing out to get a new one.
Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner - purchased from Walmart.  I liked using this toner, I just wish my bottle hadn't come with a tiny hole in the bottom.  I had to keep it upside down between uses.  I'm not sure how much it actually refines pores, but I enjoyed it enough to repurchase (being careful to get a good bottle).  I didn't feel that it dried me out, but as the weather is cooling down I can see having to take a break from it if my skin goes crazy dry like it did last winter.  It contains Alpha and Beta Hydroxy so using a good sunscreen during the day is a must.
Acure Argan Oil - purchased from Raisin Rack.  Love this Argan Oil!  I believe this was the second bottle I've gone through.  I find it really soothing and nourishing.  I really like to use it after removing masks to really add in antioxidants and improve results of other serums.  I also used this after the occasional accidental sunburn during the summer.  Already repurchased; I love that this is an inexpensive alternative to other brands.
Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Protect - purchased from Ulta.  I love this heat-protectant!  It's not a pump-style bottle so I end up with just the right amount of product and it's well dispersed.  I have already repurchased, but I did notice that I couldn't find it at Ulta any more (I found it from the local supply store).  If I could not find this, I would get the Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press, which is similarly priced and also smells really good.
Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub - purchased from Walmart.  I've gone through several of these body scrubs; I really do find that it helps with any body acne issues, as well as an overall skin softening due to including the salicylic acid (chemical exfoliant) as well as the little scrubbing particles.  Already repurchased, as well as the regular body clear body wash.
Benefit Fake Up Concealer - requested foil sample packet.  This was all right, but nothing special.  Won't purchase.
DermaDoctor DD Cream - requested sample.  I did like this; as long as I blended well enough it worked with my skintone, even though at first it looked too dark.  Might purchase (the real name is a lot longer).
Purity cleanser - sample.  Nothing special.  In fact, there was a scent to this that I thought was too strong and could be irritating with continued use.  Won't purchase.
Elizabeth Arden Eye Primer -  requested sample.  This is a decent eye primer that did blank out any skin discolorations.  As long as I got the amount applied just right, it did help to increase the staying power of my shadows.  It worked, but wasn't super outstanding.  Won't purchase.

Wow, 2 months in 1 post makes for a lot of products.  If you made it this far, yay!  I made a good dent in finishing products, both regular sizes and various sample size, out of my extensive stash.  I'm also happy I decided to just kick out a couple pieces that I knew I wouldn't be using for various reasons.  Be on the lookout soon (hopefully) for the next update.  I haven't looked in the bags for August, September and October yet to see how much was finished each month so I'm not sure if there will be another multiple-month update or if each will be it's own.

See anything you've tried?  Do you agree with my thoughts?

**all items purchased by me / gift with purchase / Influenster sample / requested sample
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated


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