Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Shopping Plans

**nothing purchased

Does anybody else feel like you have absolutely no time for yourself lately?  I still have a bunch more stuff I need to do tonight yet, but I wanted to hop on here.  As usual, I've been crazy busy with the puppy; he's now officially in training, which means that besides practicing the "games" I'm cleaning/wiping out the back seat of my car once a week now since he gets car sick.  I've also been trying to spend a bit more time with my parents and help them out, as well as my grandmother who recently broke her wrist.  Plus we've had some home repair issues come up in the last week or so that have taken a lot of my time.  I know I've said this a lot but I really am hoping I can get back to regularly posting soon.
As far as Black Friday shopping goes, we don't have kids and the entire extended family no longer exchanges gifts so it's more about finding deals on something that's more pricey and have just put off purchasing for whatever reason.  I might end up back at Petsmart, yet again, since I have a couple of coupons that expire on the first.  Kozmo still needs a name tag for his collar and I saw a tag that flashes at night which I think would be good since he's more dark than light and it's nearly dark at 5:30 in the evening.

I've spent part of today checking out the Black Friday ads, and so far I haven't seen a whole lot that's catching my eye.  The Mister and I are both in the habit of purchasing what we want basically whenever we want it, which means that I rarely have a "list" and something really has to be a good deal to incentivize me to go out to some of the stores.  BUT there are a couple of kitchen items that have caught my eye - either a hard-anodized dutch oven or chili pot (which I've been wanting a dutch oven for quite a while but don't want the weight of cast iron) and a set of lidded metal mixing bowls.  I'll probably end up looking at some sweaters as well as seeing if I can find the Mister a new winter coat at a decent price.

As far as beauty products for Black Friday, I can see myself at Ulta (Ulta Black Friday ad here) and picking up the 2 Lorac mini palettes - Sultry Starlet Shimmer and Vintage Vixen Matte.  I was thinking about getting the Lorac The Royal Pro Eye Collection, but I saw earlier today that one shade is in the original Pro palette and a second shade is from the Pro 2, leaving only 1 "original" shade (which I'm guessing is similar to something in the Mega Pro) so I'll be passing on that set.  I'm not sure about anything else yet.  I also can see myself at the mall checking out what sets Macy's and Dillards have from various beauty counter brands (Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, Clinique, etc...).  Last year I was disappointed with the Macy's Beauty Doorbusters since I was hoping to get at least one and the location I shop didn't get a lot of the options in...I'm assuming it's because of the shopping market rank this one has.  I'll probably also end up at the local beauty supply store to see if they've any specials or not.

Drugstores:  I might stop at Rite Aid and see if I spot the matte Maybelline lipsticks and pick up a shade or 2 while the brand is 40% off.  I did get quite a few Rite Aid coupons when I filled a prescription today.  Last year I bought the huge Fergie makeup set from Walgreens but this year I'll be skipping it since there's so many creme shadows, and it's very bulky looking.  I haven't seen anything at CVS that caught my eye.

Michael's has the Recollections "melmer" storage cube drawers on 60% off sale.  I think I'm going to pass on them this time since my makeup area has no more room for storage units.  As far as polish storage, the section of wall I delegated for drawers is full.  Any more and they'd be in the way of the window a.c. unit when it goes in for the summer.

Online:  I've got a couple of items in my shopping cart at Macy's website, I just need to pull the trigger and order before they go out of stock.  Since Sephora is in another city, it would also be an online order unless I would go later in the day since we can't leave the puppy alone all day yet (4 hours is about his limit).  On the other hand, I usually reserve Sephora shopping for around my birthday and Valentine's Day so...we'll see.  If I do order anything, I'm contemplating trying out some Make Up For Ever shadows.

Do you have anything fun on your shopping list?  Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday and/or weekend!!

**nothing purchased
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