Friday, October 31, 2014

OPI Peanuts Halloween Collection - My Picks + How I Wore Them


Long time, no post!  Sorry about that.  Puppy training is going much slower than we anticipated, with several setbacks so it's been very hard to carve out time for blogging lately.  Plus the Mister decided that he wanted to do a "haunted pathway" for the trick-or-treaters plus a costume party for friends/family (yes, at the same time) last Sunday so I've spent quite a bit of free time running around from store to store buying all kinds of props.  Thankfully the weather was quite nice and it went exceedingly well.  Now it's running around seeing what Halloween decorations go on clearance.  But today, I hope to get my schedule turned around and move blogging back up near the top on the list of things to do daily.

I thought I'd get started by sharing what polishes I purchased from OPI's Halloween collection - Peanuts It's The Great Pumpkin.  I snatched up 3 of the 4 polishes as soon as I saw them at the local supply store and I've actually managed to have them all on my nails...before Halloween!

Let's get started with a picture of the super cute display I snuck in real quick:
My picks:
 Good Grief!, Where's My Blanket???, To Be or Not to Beagle

How I wore them (don't mind the dry cuticles; the weather and extra handwashing from puppy drool is driving my skin crazy).  These pictures were taken in natural daylight in my car:
Top is 1 coat of Where's My Blanket is over China Glaze Sky High-Top.  I wanted a blue to look like Linus' blanket.  Bottom is 1 coat of To Be or Not to Beagle over 2 coats of Good Grief!! (with top coat)

Good Grief! was slightly streaky on the first coat, but the second evened everything out nicely.  Both of the glitters were well behaved and covered well with one generous coat each.  The bar glitters in To Be or Not to Beagle are so short, they're almost not noticeable that they are actually bars.  The other glitters in that one are matte/satin hex glitters in sky blue, royal blue, peach, pale yellow, red and black with the black being in what looks like 3 different sizes.  The matte/satin glitters in Where's My Blanket??? are a couple sizes of black hex glitters with the same peach and yellow.  Dry time was pretty good on all of them, although since I did my current many late at night I did use quick dry top coat.

 Good Grief! and To Be or Not To Beagle is what's on my nails right now for my Halloween mani.
When I spotted the display, I also managed to sneak in a quick picture of what the decals look like.  I did it for in case I eventually started expanding my nail art then I'd have Peanuts inspiration and I wouldn't have to worry about running out of the decals.
P.S.  Right now, the Good Grief! and AAUGH! stickers sum up my mood.  Tomo (insane Bengal he is) just knocked over my monitor while I was editing pictures/typing this post.

What's on your nails for Halloween?  Have you already had Trick-or-Treating where you live?  Are you planning on snatching up any Halloween beauty goodies on clearance?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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