Thursday, October 9, 2014

China Glaze The Giver Collection - My Picks + How I Wore Them


I don't have the next post done for the 31 Day Challenge, but I do have a little haul of my picks from the China Glaze The Giver Collection.  I was in Sally's Beauty Supply over the weekend (for the 50% off clearance sale - I didn't get a thing!) and saw that the display for this collection was still up.  It also just showed up at the local beauty supply store.  I bought my 3 polishes over a couple different visits in August.  And I just have to say, I love that these have their collection name literally printed on the caps - makes it so much easier to keep track of what polishes came out together.
I thought I had a display picture but it's temporarily (maybe permanently?) lost in the mess of computer files. So let's just move on to the haul portion of today's post.
I'm also skipping the normal swatches on the wheel (must have neglected to get pictures taken) and going straight to how I wore it...3 different times actually.  I really loved this mani.  Let's see the basic, plain nails first.  My pinkies got a coat of Mahogany Magic (Hunger Games collection) while the rest got 2 coats of Capacity to See Beyond.  No topcoat was used; you can see the amount of shine that Capacity has when it dries.  This first set of pictures (no glitter coats) was taken the first time I had these polishes on (I neglected to get final mani pictures).
China Glaze Capacity to See Beyond is a very nicely pigmented bright turquoise blue creme polish.  If you used thick coats, it would probably be good to go in 1 coat but I used thin-medium coats and needed 2.  I found it to dry very quickly.  The first time I put this on, the stump grinding guy showed up after I had finished painting the last nail and while he was working I was pulling weeds.  This was not even 10 minutes after applying, no top coat, and I didn't get any smudges.  Color me impressed.
Now the remaining pictures are from the 3rd time I put this mani on.  I decided to dress up my ring fingers with some diagonal color-blocking of Mahogany Magic since I wanted to see what The Outer Edge would look like over a dark polish.  Then I did a nice even coat of The Outer Edge over my middle and ring fingers.  On my pinkies I added a nice medium coat of Boundary of Memory and a half-chevron tip on my thumbs.  I didn't add any brown polish under Boundary on my thumbs so I could see how it looked over a different color.
China Glaze The Outer Edge is a microglitter top coat made up of primarily white and a sprinkling of silver.  I don't think this would easily build up to be able to be worn on it's own.  I remember this drying a bit smoother than Boundary of Memory.
China Glaze Boundary of Memory is a glitter polish that could easily be worn on it's own in probably 2 coats.  I chose to use a single coat over a coordinating polish so that removal would hopefully be a bit easier.  It's made up of brown, silver and coppery-orange microglitters.  It did dry a bit rough, but nothing that a layer of Gelous wouldn't take care of.  I see this being a perfect polish for the Fall season.
I've managed to use all of these polishes in the 31 Day Challenge that I'm still working on and have loved each look they were included in (links located below the haul pic).  If more of the shades from the collection end up in the clearance bin at Sally's then it wouldn't surprise me if they find a home in my stash since I'm always looking for good creme polishes.

Have you picked up any polishes from the Giver collection?  Do you plan on getting any?  Are any of the others similar to shades from other brands?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated