Tuesday, September 9, 2014

31 Day Challenge Day 6 - Violet


I've got day 6 of the #31dc2014 to share today, which is violet nails.  Violets are more than one shade on the same flower and so are my nails.  I did my nails later in the day than yesterday because I really didn't want to take off my blue mani - I'll definitely have to do that technique again.  Back to violet...

I came across a gorgeous deep violet purple textured polish in my stash that I hadn't worn before and knew I wanted to use it, but I've already used a textured polish as the main color in a previous mani in this challenge.  So I went digging some more and came across a pretty light violet-lilac purple, also untried and proceeded to figure out a way to combine the colors.

I started with 2 coats of Formula X Hocus Pocus (no base coat - it didn't apply correctly when I tried to use one).  After letting that dry a few minutes, I opened up Julie G Sugar Plum Fairy (texture) and dove in, having no particular goal in mind.  I ended up with 3 diagonal stripes on each nail, free-handed with the polish brush (tape could have been used for more precision).  
Formula X Hocus Pocus is a Holograms finish, which I believe I found at TJ Maxx earlier this year.  Any brush strokes that were first visible while the polish was wet disappeared once it dried.  The holo-effect isn't super strong, but that's ok.  Maybe it'll come out and show itself in the daylight tomorrow.
Julie G Sugar Plum Fairy is a textured polish that came out late last year for Frosted Gumdrops Holiday 2013.  This is such a pretty blue-purple (blurple) polish with mainly silver sparkles.  I'm sure if I added a coat of Gelous, this would be pretty smooth as it has a very fine textured feel.  But I didn't add any since I wanted the different textures/finishes to be present.

This application is different, and I like it.  The whole point of doing a challenge is to try more things rather than just painting a simple coat of polish, right?

Do you prefer your holo polishes to be linear, scattered, strong or mild?

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