Monday, September 8, 2014

31 Day Challenge Day 5 - Blue


We've got internet again!  Over the weekend, besides a 13+ hour work-day in the yard, we lost our entire connection due to "static" in the line, whatever that means, but for right now it seems to have been fixed.  So I'm a few days behind, but I'm still going to do my best to complete the #31dc2014.  I honestly contemplated combining colors for a couple of days but decided to do it one prompt at a time.

Day 5 is blue nails.  I pulled out just one drawer before spying a blue that I hadn't used before but I noticed it looked a little low in the bottle.  So I opened it up and noticed that it was now thicker than it should be.  But that thickness caused a little spark of an idea to go off in my head.  I had another blue sitting out that, since purchasing, I've now had on my nails 3 different times and have yet to share it on the blog.  Once I get caught up on the challenge, I'll get it's proper post done for that polish.

On to the nails!  For today's post, I did a thick coat of China Glaze Capacity to See Beyond on all my nails then added some Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Thinking of Blue in a diagonal color block.  Then I took a sewing pin and drug it through both colors while they were still wet, only doing one nail at a time.  After everything sat for a few minutes, I added a thick coat of quick dry top coat to smooth things out and seal it in.  I'm hoping my nails don't end up stained since it took a couple different tries and after I was done realized that I forgot to put any base coat before this final attempt.
China Glaze Capacity to See Beyond (from the Giver collection) is a current fave polish.  Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue, while thick, behaved well - but I believe it's discontinued since I bought mine on clearance at least a year ago.
 This mani would be perfect to wear to the beach or lake-front since it looks a bit like ocean waves.
~natural daylight through window~ 

Just because, I took a quick picture of my left hand.  One single coat of Thinking of Blue on my ring and pinkie nails, 2 coats of Capacity to See Beyond on the rest.  Then I did a single dot on each nail in the opposite color.

I'll have to try the needle-dragging again with different colors.  I really liked the final effect.  My favorite nails are my pinkie and ring fingers.  Unfortunately, I don't remember at all who I first saw this effect from...
Have you tried needle-dragging in your nail adventures?

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