Wednesday, September 3, 2014

31 Day Challenge Day 3 - Yellow


It's time for day 3 of the #31DC2014,  which is yellow.  I was going through my stash looking for yellows when I remembered a combination I had wanted to do quite a while ago but never followed through.  So when I remembered that little tidbit, I knew that this would be the perfect time.

I used a rather recently acquired yellow to get started.  This is 2 coats of China Glaze Happy Go Lucky.
China Glaze Happy Go Lucky (Spring 2010 Up & Away collection) had a decent formula.  Most nails looked decent at 2 coats, although if I hadn't been topping this with a glitter, I would have probably gone for a 3rd coat.

Back when OPI Lights of Emerald City came out (Spring 2013), I pictured using it over a yellow - like a reverse daisy - but for some reason I never got to it.  So I pulled out one of my dotting tools to retrieve the white squares from OPI Lights of Emerald City and put them in a checkerboard pattern on my ring finger and a straight line on the center of my thumb nail, then went over everything with the base and iridescent squares from Lights.  On my left hand I just did a "normal" application, only ensuring I had at least one white square per nail.  I did a coat of Out the Door for a quick dry top coat to help things dry.  Unfortunately, some time after this point everything bubbled and I didn't notice that it happened until today.
I don't remember how Lights originally applied when I swatched it on my wheel, so I'm not sure if my bottle thickened up over time or if this polish just has issues.  I thought the base was a bit on the thick/gooey side and if I let it stay on the nail in a thicker area, things started to slide so I ended up messing around on several nails to try to remove excess clear base.  That's probably the main reason for the bubbles.  Next time I use it, I might add a bit of thinner then work patiently in layers to get enough glitters to suit my taste.
~natural daylight through window~

Not quite like a daisy like I originally pictured over a year ago, but I do like the color combination and the glitter placement  Unfortunately the bubble issue really made me sad.  Lights of Emerald City would probably be pretty in a Winter look, too, over a blue or gray.  Possibilities to give this topper another chance.  Now it's time to go through my stash for some green ideas for tomorrow.
Do you have a go-to yellow polish?

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