Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sally Hansen Passport to Rio Glitter Topper Collection - Swatches + Review


I'm finally getting my post and review of the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear limited edition Color Destinations Passport to Rio glitter topper collection up.  I've been putting this off because, in all honesty, I can not recommend this collection.  Yes the combinations are mostly unique for drugstore brands, but it all goes downhill from there.  All of the glitters are matte finish, most are in a clear base...although I believe 1 or 2 have glitters that have already bled some and tinted the base.
All lined up at home:
Splash, Beach Ball, Samba, Carnival, Fruit-ta-ta, Tidal Rave, Copa-Banana, Fiesta

Swatches (base polishes for on my nails are from the Sally Hansen Electric Summer Pastels collection):
Splash, Beach Ball, Samba, Carnival, Fruit-ta-ta, Tidal Rave, Copa-Banana, Fiesta
~2 coats of all, applied very patiently (swirl, blob, dab...and maybe chase some glitters back on the nail)~

top row undies: Sally Hansen Pearl Up, Beach Babe, Floaties, Teeny Bikini
bottom undies: Sally Hansen You're Crabby, Water Orchid, Wet Suit, Kelp Yourself
top row: Samba, Fiesta, Splash, Tidal Rave
bottom: Fruit-ta-ta, Carnival, Beach Ball, Copa-Banana

I had bubbling with all of these glitter toppers.  I found that I had to be careful or else the glitters would try to slide to the sides of my nails since the base was so thick and slow drying.  The drying time is horrible and softens the base color underneath, leaving the overall drying time ridiculously long.  Quick dry top coat didn't do much to help, either.  This is a collection that whenever I plan on pulling one out to wear, I would try applying with a makeup sponge to help absorb the excess base to hopefully avoid as much of the bubbling.

Let's see what my notes tell me about each of these:

  • Samba (turquoise, lime green & pale yellow glitters) has a extra thick base but the glitter is on the sparse side - 2 coats plus a bit more building in spots.
  • Fiesta (black, red & white glitters) had probably the best formula and coverage out of the collection - 1 coat
  • Splash (royal blue, sky blue & white glitters) is another with an extra thick base but it does have a decent coverage in 1 careful coat
  • Tidal Rave (royal blue, sky blue & black glitters) had a formula between Samba & Fiesta - 1.5 coats
  • Fruit-ta-ta (pink, red, black & white glitters) is a medium good formula and had decent glitter coverage in 1.5 coats.  The base is either slightly tinted or some of the red glitter has already faded and tinted it super light pink
  • Carnival (royal blue, sky blue, red, pink pale yellow glitters) had a decent formula and nice coverage in 1 coat plus a little dabbing.
  • Beach Ball (red, white & blue glitters) is a goopy 2 coats. The base is looking tinted now so the red glitter is bleeding some.
  • Copa-Banana (black, lime green, pale yellow) is another with a decent formula that, while sparse, was all right at 1 coat plus dabbing
I found this collection at Walgreens, but I think I've seen it at other retailers as well (I know I saw it at Ulta).  You really have to be willing to baby and work with the application on this collection.  It's a good thing that the the price is less than $3 a bottle, often on sale (which I think I did manage to get a sale on these & maybe coupons?).  With the formula issues of this collection, as well as a couple that I had picked up from a prior Xtreme Wear glitter collection, I am hesitating to purchase any more glitters from the line...at least until I read one or more reviews on them first.

Do any of these catch your eye?  Do you know of similar-looking glitter toppers from other brands that have a better formula?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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