Friday, August 1, 2014

Cotz Pure The Healthier Sunscreen - Review


Today I've finally managed to put my thoughts about the Cotz Pure The Healthier Sunscreen into words.  I've had this in my stash for over a month but have only used it a handful of times...not a good sign for a sunscreen.  The best way I could figure out how to organize my thoughts was in lists.

Here's the things I was looking for in my new sunscreen: SPF 30 minimum, oil-free, water resistant, good for sensitive skin, good under makeup, helps control oil.  Picky much?
Titanium Dioxide 4.1%
Zinc Oxide 8.4%
Here's the good parts of this:

  • very slightly tinted
  • doesn't pill/ball up treatments that are applied prior
  • claims to be water resistant - it did hold up (didn't slide into my eyes) when i wore it outside doing yard work on one of our hottest days (around 85) and i was in full sun sweating
  • made in USA 
  • box claims it's free of synthetic ingredients, preservatives, chemical sunscreens, oils, fragrances (really? maybe added fragrance...), parabens, PABA

I have a little list of things that could go either way:

  • does work under foundation (both liquid and powder), to a degree.  After 5-6 hours the tacky feeling of the sunscreen starts to come through the foundation, making skin look greasy.  Not good when my skin's already combination.
  • even though difficult to get washed off i didn't notice any unusual breakouts (wore it for 3-4 days) but sometimes products take quite a while to show up as irritation/breakouts on my skin (eye creams work and feel good for about 2 weeks then i notice milia/clogged pores happening).  Prolonged use may have changed this...
  • smells kind of nutty (not strongly, but it's there upon application) - it does disappear not long after applying

Now for my list of bad, which is the deal-breaker:

  • says tacky the entire time it's on
  • it's like it doesn't absorb fully into the skin before drying to the point that it's uncomfortable to continue blending it in, but still stays sticky.  Weird
  • rather expensive - nearly $20 (available at Ulta)

~straight out of the tube and slightly blended out (looks pretty pasty, right?)~

I've never really heard this claim (straight from the box), so take that as you will: "Chemical sunscreens absorb UVA/UVB rays into the skin and transform the rays into heat, which can damage the dermis."

Overall, I would not repurchase - in fact, I've already taken this back since I dislike it so much.  If this didn't stay sticky no matter how long it was on or layered with, then I would have kept the sunscreen and used it a bunch since I've been outside so much this summer.

What's your favorite water resistent, oil free, good for sensitive skin sunscreen with a minimum spf of 30?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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