Wednesday, August 20, 2014

China Glaze If In Doubt, Surf It Out - Dressed Up


I thought I'd share an almost nail-of-the-day.  Almost as in it just came off due to some very premature chipping.  I've got issues with one nail, which is causing the polish to start chipping off the end within a few hours, but it is growing out.  Then another nail started chipping while I was working in the kitchen all came off.  This way I can let my nails soak in a good amount of cuticle oil/cream which they badly need.  Then tomorrow before doing my nails, I'll put on a new layer of Orly nail repair powder on my sad nail so that my mani will last longer.

Yesterday I finally posted my Sally's Beauty Supply 50% off clearance polishes very mini haul on Instagram from a couple weekends ago.  It was also actually summer weather yesterday so I wanted something nice and bright and one of those polishes fit the bill just right.

I did 2 coats of China Glaze If In Doubt, Surf It Out over all but my index fingers.  Then I did 2 coats of Fresh Paint Honeydew on my index fingers and free-handed on half chevrons on the rest of my nails to tie the colors together better (could have been done with tape).
~Honeydew is pretty accurate but If In Doubt, Surf It Out photographed too dark~
China Glaze If In Doubt, Surf It Out is from the Summer 2014 Off Shore Collection.  It reminds me of an orange creamsicle - the pictures towards the end of the post are probably the most color-accurate.  This creme polish covered nicely in 2 coats and had a nice drying time with a pretty shiny finish.
Fresh Paint Honeydew is a pastel-neon yellow-green creme polish.  It is almost a one-coater (obviously not over the China Glaze), but I did 2 just to make sure everything was nice and even.  This actually reminds me of another color from the China Glaze Off Shore collection - "Be More Pacific," which is why I chose it to be the accent color.  
And then I decided that I wanted something shiny, so Maybelline Gilded in Gold caught my eye from the unswatched/untried box.  I thought that using the glitter all over really tied the mani together.  I've really been trying to shake up which nails are the accent recently and I'm liking it.
Maybelline Color Show Jewels Gilded in Gold is a recent addition to the core line of polishes (I still need to get my post up on which ones joined my stash).  I've seen a lot of stores are still only showing them in counter displays, but I believe I saw them on the wall at Walmart.  Gilded in Gold is a nice gold flakie/shard (do you know what the difference between flakies and shards are?) in a clear base.  The base wasn't too thick or too thin and I had nice coverage in one coat, although a couple of nails I did add a bit more.  This dried pretty quickly as well, although I did top it off with some quick dry top coat.  I think that on the second day of wear it would be a good idea to add one more layer of top coat since a couple of the glitters had corners that were sticking up.
While this is still in the bright/neon range, it's a bit of a Fall combo - orange, green, gold - might have to pull Honeydew out again around Halloween.  And I can't believe my brain just jumped to October... I'll blame it on being sleepy as I finish up this post.

Are you hanging on to summer bright colors?  Or are you starting to transition your manicures to the more subdued Fall colors?  Do you always do the same accent nail (if you do them) or do you change them up?

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