Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ulta Mini Haul - Lorac AfterGLO Palette & Nails Inc Polishes


I got so carried away yesterday with home tasks that I was never able to get a post up.  I did about 3 hours of gardening work and then cleaned/organized in our dinette and the basement until about 1:30 in the morning.  It needed done and apparently I was really in the mood to do it.  I figured might as well go with the flow and do it rather than try to do it when I want/need to do something else.

So today when I was thinking about what to post, I remembered I had taken the pictures of my Lorac AfterGLO palette but never got it posted.  Perfect thing to share - hopefully it's still in stock at Ulta, but it all depends on location.  I also included a couple of Nails Inc polishes that I got at the same time.  This trip was my "I smashed my fingers buying house supplies (for a project that still hasn't been done) so I need a treat" haul from the middle of May.
First up, the 2 Nails Inc polishes I got from the Special Effects - Garden Party line.  These are $11 each.
Princes Gardens and Portobello Gardens
~I'm planning on sharing swatches of all my Nails Inc polishes soon~

Lorac AfterGlow palette (limited edition, Ulta exclusive - $24)
Swatch time!
The whole palette swatched together:
~above, in the lightbox; below, natural daylight~
While nice, they aren't quite as nice and buttery as the shadows in the Lorac Pro palette.  I had to take my time with the swatches to get a good payoff in the pictures - definitely not one swipe and go.  The purple and the white are the weakest colors out of the 10.  I was expecting a better pigmented purple given that they have such high quality shadows.  The white was also disappointing since I know they can do better - the Lorac Pro palette has a perfectly pigmented white in it.  The bottom most shade in some of my swatches (pictures with the purple and coral - oversized color in the bottom right shadow pan) has a bit of a duochrome cast to it.  

The shadows do play better on the lids over primer and utilizing brushes, but the purple is still the weakest link.  Sad face - purple's one of my favorite shadow colors.  The copper and gold colors definitely have a metallic element to them.  The box says this includes "8 vibrant matte and shimmer shadows" along with the 2 oversized "neutrals."  I didn't notice any actual sparkles in any of the shades - other than the duochrome and a couple metallics, the rest are basically a satin finish.  Maybe the first blue and the purple are more matte.  It would be nice if Lorac would name the shades in the smaller palettes.  This palette is one that I do like, but it's not one that I grab when I need something quick, nor do I see it as one I would travel with.

Side note - I really want to get my hands on the Lorac Pro 2 palette!!!!  I've been trying to be really good this month, but that one and some from Too Faced are really calling my name....

Did you pick up the Lorac AfterGLO palette?  What's your favorite Lorac product?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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