Monday, July 7, 2014

Spotted, Hauled...a couple & Swatched - Julie G Cruise Time Collection


I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend (if it was a holiday for you, that is).  I did, until today.  The Mister got into my head about the condition of my skin again - even though it's basically the best it's been since 2002 - and it's really messed with me mentally this time, even trying to venture into migraine territory.  I've been trying to work my way back to my happy place today and while I haven't quite gotten back there yet I'm better than earlier.  I need to train myself to turn to exercise rather than food when the negative comments from him get to me.  At least this time I didn't go out and purchase a bunch of stuff...  Enough of this mental/emotional stuff.  Moving on...

Anyway, let's see a couple of polishes that I've picked up out of a recent limited edition collection from Julie G called Cruise Time.  I managed to exercise great restraint and only picked up 2 out of the 6 when I came across this around the beginning of May.  Even though I first spotted it so long ago, I'm still seeing this display sitting at Rite Aid (but the shade selection might be more limited now).
 These are the 4 I did not get:
 Santorini , Canary Islands, Miami Beach, Rio de Janero 

And the 2 that I bought: 
 Tahiti (I circled the hidden shimmers) and Old San Juan (all my pictures made this shade too bright and too orange)

Swatch time!
Tahiti and Old San Juan
 I believe these are all 2 coats of Tahiti (both the wheel and my nails) and 1 coat of Old San Juan
~the bottom nail picture is the most color accurate, but still off~

I could not, no matter what lighting I tried, get the shimmers to show up in Tahiti.  In the bottle, they are pretty baby blue shimmers.  Old San Juan is a nice, perfectly formulated orange creamsicle creme polish.  Other than the shimmers being extremely hidden in Tahiti, I've no complaints.

Have you come across the Julie G Cruise Time collection?  See any you want to pick up?  Do any of these look like dupes to other brands?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated


  1. I didn't think there was anything I needed from this collection but Tahiti, I just might need...I didn't know about that hidden shimmer! I'm sorry your husband bummed you out today :/ I'm also very sensitive and use food to cope alot would be wise for me to learn to exercise instead of crying and eating when I'm upset, but I'm sure it's very hard to reprogram like that..
    Best of luck to you and I hope your day got better!

    1. Hi Ashley! Thanks for the comment. :-) Tahiti is a sneaky little polish with it's shimmers, just enough to make it different. I had this on my toes for a while and it was just enough to keep it from looking completely flat but also looks great dressed up with extra glitter.

      I'm trying to learn to dismiss/forget his mean comments as soon as possible - it helps to get away from the house for a while. I'm getting better about all of it, just need people to talk to who understand. I've started telling myself that I'm pretty multiple times a day, which is helping a lot. A good personal mental state makes it harder for rude/hurtful comments to sink in. As I finish binge-inducing foods, I'm not replacing them. Instead I'm trying to do some little toning moves that I have seen results from in the past.

      Good luck to you, too :-)