Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Color Club Modern Mosaic collection


Things have been so busy around home that I lost my designated computer/blogging time for a few days again.  Friday we took a little outing down south and went zip lining, which was really fun once you got past the initial hesitation.  Plus I've been busy keeping an eye on Kitty since he hasn't been feeling like his normal self - I took him to the vet, but other than being badly dehydrated (stubborn thing seems to never drink), they couldn't find anything.  With all the extra attention we've been paying to Kitty, Tomo started throwing temper tantrums and hissing at everything.  He has jealousy issues...  By the way, I'm editing pictures, typing this post, painting my nails and trying to entertain Tomo all at the same time.  Multi-tasking at it's finest.

Anyway, let's move on to some pretties for today's post.  I thought I'd finally share the Color Club Mosaic collection.  I picked these up quite a while ago in 2 different visits from Bed, Bath & Beyond - I actually haven't seen this collection at the local supply store that carries Color Club (but the owner either isn't aware of all the collections or just doesn't order them if he doesn't think it's appealing).  I'm sure that you'd be able to find these online if you wanted.
All lined up at home:
Pixi-lated, Love You to Pieces, Blue Beaded, Green Piece, Orange Crush, Subway Station

Label and close-up bottle shots:
These all have white micro-glitter with the majority of them having just 1 color.  Pixi-lated looks like it has 2 shades of pink, but it's hard to really see unless you're super close.  Love You to Pieces has purple and some blue, making it probably my fave.  I feel like my eyes are trying to tell me that Orange Crush has some metallic orange mixed in with the matte orange to give it a bit more depth. 

Swatch time, both on the wheel and my nails (I had a tough time picking undies for them):
Pixi-lated, Love You to Pieces, Blue Beaded, Green Piece, Orange Crush, Subway Station
~2 coats of each on the wheel~

undies top row from left: Wet 'n Wild Trippin' On the Boardwalk, SinfulColors Nice Stems, Wet 'n Wild Beat of a Generation, Wet 'n Wild A Venice Day  (all WnW polishes from All Access Beauty collection)
undies bottom row from left (2 nails each): Wet 'n Wild Coast to Coast, Finger Paints Mistful Thinking

As for the Color Club polishes, I did 1 coat of each:
top row from left: Pixi-lated, Love You to Pieces, Blue Beaded, Green Piece
bottom row from left (2 nails each): Orange Crush (thicker coat on my ring finger), Subway Station

For how much micro-glitter is packed into each one, I didn't have much trouble getting even coverage from any of the polishes.  If you wanted, it would probably be possible to build these up to opacity, but I don't think I personally would care for that look.  These do dry to a textured finish like the smoother Zoya PixieDust and OPI Liquid Sand.  When I did wear one (forgot to get a picture, though) I did not top it with any top coat.  The texture and overall look of these are like the pastel version of last year's Salon Perfect Neon Collision collection and more recently, a couple from the Love Lashes Lacquer collection from February and one from the Paint the Town Red, White & Blue collection that was just out (random bottles might still by hiding in Walmart locations).

While these aren't something I'll reach for super often (love me some sparkle/glitter!!), I do think they're a fun addition to my stash.

Do you like how the matte micro-glitter toppers look?  Do you prefer layered over a color or built up?  Have you come across the Color Club Modern Mosaic collection?  Are you planning on picking up any?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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