Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red, White & Blue - Revisited


I've been super busy today, but I did my pictures edited of the nail look I came up with.  It's perfect for the upcoming 4th of July (or any patriotic holiday).  I used a couple of polishes from the Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red, White & Blue collection, plus a random white polish from my stash.

First I did 2 coats of Salon Perfect Wild Blue Yonder over a base coat (or maybe a treatment?).  At this stage I did not use any quick dry top coat.
Wild Blue Yonder is a medium blue creme polish.  It had a little streakiness with the first coat if I didn't have quite enough polish on the brush - it seemed to drag.  But with the second coat, it was perfect.  I can see where this would be possible to be a one-coater if your coat was thick enough.  No staining, but I did have some base/treatment between my nails and the blue.
Then I free-handed on white chevron tips using Sinful Colors Snow on White.  (no picture)  I wish that had been a bit more pigmented so I wouldn't have needed to do 2 coats.  I believe I used quick dry top coat since I realized time was getting away from me and I needed to be moving faster.  They ended up larger than I had pictured in my mind, but looking at the pictures now, I do like them this way.  I just wish my white polish was better so I wouldn't have needed to use such thick coats on the tips.  I think this was a major contributing factor in the short wear time of this mani - approximately 24 hours after I finished all the nails were lifting off from the free-edges.

My final step was doing a glitter placement using Salon Perfect Star Spangled.  I did the stars first, then carefully got some of the holo-sprinkled base of it to even out everything and make sure the stars weren't sticking out too badly.  Then I finished it off with a layer of quick drying top coat.
~natural light by window~
Star Spangled worked perfectly for this look.  There's so many stars - jam packed, in fact.  I just did a quick stir with the brush each time I went on since I was trying to get certain colors of stars out.  This is the best behaved star-glitter in my entire stash!  I love the finish of the satin-matte stars mixed with the silver holo micro glitter in the base.  The stars are red, silver-gray and bright-medium blue.  Even though there's so many stars, I rarely had an issue with getting the stars just how I wanted with no extras - just on my last nail.
This actually removed pretty easily, stars and all...but I did use pure acetone rather than my usual Zoya Remove +.

I'm off to go finish doing my nails and straighten my hair.  The Mister decided tomorrow we'd have a fun day, kind of an early 4th.  I didn't have time to get a post prepared for tomorrow so it'll be quiet from me on the blog, but I'm sure if you check out my Instagram there will be pictures from what all he's got planned for us.

Have you planned your 4th of July/patriotic mani yet?  Any fun plans?  What's your favorite white polish for nail art?

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**my opinions are my own
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