Thursday, July 17, 2014

OPI Spotlight On Glitter & Coca Cola Collections - My Picks


I've been so busy today I lost track of time.  Oops.  It never seems like there's enough awake hours in the day to get everything done that's on the list, especially when the Mister adds a couple of things to that already busy list.  I thought today I'd share the polishes that I've picked up from the OPI Spotlight On Glitter and Coke collaboration collections.  I didn't pick up much from either one.

First up, the Spotlight on glitters collection.  There's 6 total, but I only picked up 2 (and I have the original versions of 3):
These are the ones I did not purchase because I have the originals:
You Pink Too Much = Pink Yet Lavender (Mariah Carey collection, 1st ed.)
Desperately Seeking Sequins = Which is Witch? (Oz the Great and Powerful collection)
I Reached My Gold! = When Monkeys Fly! (Oz collection)

I didn't get this one, either, but that may change if I don't have any dupes (and I know I don't have the original version):
Chasing Rainbows = Rainbow Connection (& others from different brands) (Muppets collection, 2011 ed.)

Now for the 2 I did purchase:
 Blush Hour and Rose of Light

And the one I picked up from the Coke collab (which has a total of 9, no display pic):
Orange You Fantastic!

Now time for swatches!  I thought I had pictures of them on the wheel, but it must have slipped my mind so we're going straight to my nails this time:
undies: pinkie, ring and middle are all 2 coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pearl Up.  My index is 1 coat of SinfulColors Tabac.
glitters: pinkie - Blush Hour, ring - Rose of Light, middle and index - Orange You Fantastic!

The glitters are all one pretty easy coat.  Blush Hour is in a light pink tinted base with magenta and violet glitters.  Rose of Light is pink and rose gold holo glitters in squares and microglitters in a clear base.  Orange You Fantastic! is in a yellow tinted base with red-orange, yellow and silver (I think that's right) glitters in different sizes - perfect for Fall.

I'm happy with all of my purchases.  I believe I've worn both of the Spotlight on Glitter polishes, but only got one photographed so I'll have to share that soon.  While I do like the way that Orange You Fantastic! looks, I'm not in the mood for it yet...although it is kind of sunny looking.  I need to go through my collection and see if I have any of the dupes to Chasing Rainbows; if not, I might purchase it if I come across it again.

Have you gotten anything from either the Spotlight On Glitter or Coca Cola collections?  Do you appreciate that OPI re-released so many glitters for those who missed out the first time?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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