Friday, July 25, 2014

Hot Pink Nails with some Shredded Glitter


If you saw my late-night Facebook post last night, you probably figured out I was a little panicked with nothing nice to wear to a mid-day birthday party at a wine bar tomorrow.  But after a successful afternoon of shopping, I found a dress to wear tomorrow.  I'll try to get a post up showing my dress, shoes and purse (all new!!) soon.

For today, I've got a nail look to share today.  I had this combo on last month.  I did 2 coats of butter LONDON Snog over a base coat.
butter LONDON Snog is a mini hot pink creme polish.  This came in a kit from Ulta (on sale now on Ulta's site).  Unfortunately, this is the second bottle that I've used from the brand that I've had issues.  This one, while technically usable, really needs polish thinner added.  Snog was literally leaving strings from the bottle to the brush when I was applying my second coat.  If I was into that "spun sugar" nail art, this would cut down on the time.  Since this was so thick/goopy it took a while to dry.
Then I added a nice generous coat of Color Club You Rock! as an accent on my ring fingers and thumbs.  Super simple, super sparkley!
Color Club You Rock! has a clear base with silver and silver holo hex and shred glitters.  I didn't really notice any problem with the shred glitters sticking up, but I feel like I did add a layer of Gelous the next day.  The drying time on this glitter topper was very nice.  This glitter is from the Celebration collection (post upcoming, hopefully soon).
This next picture is actually the most color-accurate out of everything:
~natural daylight, through window~

I do wish that Color Club was more easily available.  For a little while a couple of summers ago some of the collections were popping up at Rite Aid locations and eventually in sets at Burlington Coat Factory/TJ Maxx but I haven't seen that recently.  Sometimes I'll stumble across a new collection at Bed, Bath & Beyond but even that has been striking out for the last month or so.  I managed to find this bottle at the local supply shop.  I guess there's always online...

Now I need to go change the polish on my toes, do my nails, straighten my hair and shave.  So much to do, so little time.

Are you able to find Color Club polishes where you live?  How often do you shop online for polishes that aren't available locally (not counting indies)?

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