Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Color Club For You - Revisited


I've got a nail combo that I just took off my nails today.  A couple of the nails have already been featured recently on here, but I decided that I liked them enough I wanted to incorporate them into a full mani.  I kept my pinkie and thumb the same from my recent Color Club Celebration post, then got busy with the rest of my nails.

My pinkies have 3 coats of Color Club For You (my prior post showed it at 2) and then I added a layer of top coat.  On the rest of my nails, I have 2 coats of SinfulColors Nice Stems (all but my pictured thumb and pinkie have base coat).  And yes, I forgot to take pictures at the various stages as I worked, again.
Color Club For You is a candy-colored mix of hex glitters in a few different sizes all in a milky white base.  I would recommend starting with a thin coat just to get a nice layer of the white base down, then worry about an even application of glitters in the next layer or 2.  The 3rd coat really covers up the visible nail line that I had visible in my initial post with this.
SinfulColors Nice Stems is a well behaved mint-teal...wait, maybe it's creme polish.  Can I get any more indecisive?  Even applying over a couple of huge ridges/dents in my nails I didn't have any issues.  I would recommend waiting an extra minute or so just to avoid dragging since I saw faint evidence of that in a couple spots.  Unfortunately, I feel like Nice Stems might be limited edition from Spring this year.  Wet 'n Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint would give a similar feel if you don't have/can't find Nice Stems.

My thumbs have the glitter from Funky Fingers Unicorn Farts placed all over.  This is one glitter that I do not recommend trying to just brush on.  Too much of the clear base comes out which causes the glitters to start to slide to the sides, and if the undies layer isn't all the way dry, that shifts some too.  After I was happy with how much glitter I had, I got some of the clear base on my brush without glitters and went over the whole nail to smooth things over.  Trust me, I speak from experience.  I added a layer of quick dry top coat at this point, figuring I was done...
Nope, I noticed that some of my nails that were just Nice Stems looked a little uneven due to extreme unevenness on a couple of nails.  So I decided I wanted something a bit sparkly, but on the fine side and wouldn't detract from the other glitters.  After going through my collection, I came up with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Disco Ball and did a kind-of generous gradient around my cuticles using the polish brush.  I sealed that all in with another layer of quick dry top coat.
Sally Hansen Disco Ball is an iridescent micro glitter in a clear base.  The formula was about perfect for using in a gradient.  I think it looks perfect over the minty-teal of Nice Stems.  This was just the right final touch.

I had this on as a full mani on Tuesday and my mom was like, why didn't you put the "green" on the pinkie nails?  My answer - I didn't wanna.  I wanted to mix it up and even more differently than my usual accent nails.

What nail(s) do you prefer to use as an accent?  If you do 2, are they twins or different?

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