Monday, July 28, 2014

Color Club Celebration Collection - My Picks + Dupes


Today I've got what I've picked up from Color Club's Celebration collection of glitters.  I had actually picked up a couple of these in mini-sized bottles quite a while ago from Bed, Bath & Beyond but a month or 2 ago saw them in the full size bottles along with a bunch of other glitter toppers at the local supply store.  I only picked up ones that I didn't think I had anything similar to.  I believe this is a collection of 12 and I now have 7 of them.

These are the 5 that I more recently purchased in a couple different visits:
 You Rock!, Girl Code, With Love, Something New, Everlasting Love
You Rock!, Girl Code, With Love, Everlasting Love, Something New

You Rock! is a mix of gold and silver with holo in a couple sizes of hex glitters and shredded glitters in a clear base.
Girl Code is a mix of matte orange hex and shiny silver hex glitters in a sheer light pink base.
With Love is a combination of gold almost micro-glitter and small lilac hex glitters in a clear base. 
Everlasting Love is a combination of shiny silver and pink hex glitters in a couple sizes mixed with a sprinkling of large matte black hex glitters in a sheer/jelly medium pink base.
Something new is a combination of matte white hex glitters in a few different sizes with a sprinkling of matte baby blue hex glitters in a clear base.
~same polishes, different lighting (above is lightbox, below is by the window)~
UNDIES: pinkie = Sally Hansen Pearl Up (Xtreme Wear), ring = butter LONDON Snog, middle = OPI Chic from Ears to Tail, index = Sally Hansen Pearl Up, thumb = Sinful Colors Burning Bright
GLITTERS: pinkie = Girl Code, ring = You Rock! , middle = With Love, index = Everlasting Love, thumb = Something New

Girl Code needed approximately 2 coats to get a nice even coverage and Everlasting Love needed some fishing to get out the large black glitter to go with its 1 coat.  The others are all 1 easy coat.

And these are the 2 minis that have been in my stash for quite a while by now, but also part of the Celebration collection:
For You and Oh Boy!

For You is multi-colored hex glitters in at least 3 sizes in a milky white base.
Oh Boy! is a mix of almost clear-white hex glitters with 2 sizes of matte black hex glitters in a milky pale blue base.
pinkie = For You, ring = Oh Boy!
DUPES: middle = Sally Hansen Grape Shifter, index = Sally Hansen Mermaid's Tail, thumb = Funky Fingers Unicorn Farts (over Sinful Colors Nice Stems)

Other than Unicorn Farts, the rest of these are all 2 coats.  Unicorn Farts needed to be fished and placed to avoid an excess of clear base that causes the glitter to slide (yes, I had to do my thumb twice because of that).  Oh Boy! is still showing some VNL, but nothing too extreme.  Sally Hansen Grape Shifter is definitely showing VNL, but it's more of a layering polish anyway.  To wear For You and Oh Boy! in an actual mani, I would probably go with 3 coats just to get a slightly more opaque base and more glitters.

I assembled a little list of the ones I did not purchase and if I have a dupe of it in my collection:
Pinky Swear has a Sally Hansen dupe - Grape Shifter (Insta-Dri line)
Surprise has a Funky Fingers dupe - Unicorn Farts (lol) - may be hard to find
Valedictorian has a Sally Hansen dupe - Mermaid's Tale (Complete Salon Manicure line)
I do not have Bundle of Joy or My Girl (but I've seen the minis of these at B,B&B), nor do I have dupes

I would say that if there's any of these that really catch your eye, your best bet would be to search for them online since tracking them down in stores is pretty difficult.

Do any of these look like polishes you'd want in your stash?  Can you think of any other polishes that these could be dupes of?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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