Monday, June 30, 2014

Spotted, Hauled...most, & Swatched - L'Oreal Electric Neons collection


I missed getting a post up yesterday because, oddly enough, I dozed off for an hour or so late in the evening/early night when I'm normally working on the blog and just couldn't get my mind working to concentrate on getting a post finished when I woke back up.  But today I didn't make the mistake of laying down so no chances of unplanned naps.  For today's post, I'm finally getting around to posting a limited edition collection that I've been loving lately.  It's the L'Oreal Electric Neons collection.  I picked up mine from Bed, Bath & Beyond; I'm not sure if' it's made it to regular drugstores yet since I'm trying to avoid going shopping so I can cut back on purchases.  I bought all but 1 shade and was able to use a couple of coupons from BB&B.
~I skipped the yellow, Banana Pop, figuring I wouldn't wear it 
(maybe if I see it on clearance somewhere it might eventually join the rest in my stash)~
Energetic Tangerine, Punchy Lychee, Acid Watermelon, Flashing Lilac, Fluo Azur

Swatch time, both on the wheel and my nails:
Energetic Tangerine, Punchy Lychee, Acid Watermelon, Flashing Lilac, Fluo Azur
~2 coats of each on the wheel~
On my nails, Acid Watermelon is 3 coats, but 2 thicker coats would probably work.  I don't think I had quite enough polish on the brush to start with on the first 2 coats.  The rest are 2 easy coats.  All of the colors dry to a matte-satin finish.  When I wore these on their own, I did add a top coat to make it nice and shiny - I did prefer them that way.  I found dry time to be fairly good.  Energetic Tangerine has a bit of a jelly finish.  I thought that when I've worn some of these as actual manicures others had a jelly finish as well but I either can't find the pictures, didn't take notes or neglected to get any before chores got to the polish.  In real life, Energetic Tangerine and Punchy Lychee looked farther apart than my pictures are showing; those 2 as well as Fluo Azur photographed more vividly than they are in real life.

I've really been craving bright colors lately and this collection fits the bill perfectly!  I think I've worn all of these on my nails for at least a day or more (depending on what I was doing in real life) and enjoyed having them on.  They weren't colors I got tired of quickly.

Have you spotted the L'Oreal Neon collection?  Do you like super bright colors like these on your nails?  What's your favorite neon polish(es)?  What's your technique for avoiding extra shopping?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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