Thursday, June 26, 2014

Spotted, Hauled...a few, & Swatched - Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red, White & Blue Collection


I unintentionally missed getting a post up yesterday since I went with the Mister to a networking dinner for him and got back pretty late.  And since I'm not used to having beverages (sangria and regular wine)...I was not up to sitting in front of the computer and editing/typing up a post.  But I really want to get this other patriotic limited edition collection up while it's still hopefully possible to find it in (yet again) very select Walmart locations.  This is Salon Perfect's Paint the Town Red, White & Blue collection.  There's some new polishes as well as some regularly available polishes.  Also, along the very top of the display, there are 4 choices of nail art pens plus a dotting tool and brush combo.  Along the side is a decent selection of striping polishes, striping tape and some star decals.  I only got some of the regular-sized polishes and the decals.
Now let's see which ones I ended up purchasing (minus one that I ended up purchasing at a later date/after all the pictures were done):
Save Me A Spot, Speck-Tacular, Star Spangled, Starred & Striped, Boom Boom Boom 
(not pictured, Wild Blue Yonder)
The pack of Nail Decals (different angle to show the holo cast):

 Swatch time (same order on wheel and my nails)!
Save Me A Spot, Speck-Tacular, Star Spangled, Starred & Striped, Boom Boom Boom
Wild Blue Yonder - center of the wheel itself (not on a nail)
Other than that blue stripe on the middle of my wheel, I don't have Wild Blue Yonder swatched since I did purchase it later.  The base polish that I used in my nail swatches is Pure Ice I Pledge Naillegiance.

All of the glitters are matte in finish (except for the inclusion of holo micro glitter in Star Spangled).  Save Me A Spot, the large circle glitters, was basically entirely fished out and placed so this one requires patience.  Speck-Tacular was one coat with a little extra added just to get an even coverage (hex shaped glitters).  Star Spangled needed a little placing of the stars (red, matte silver, matte bright blue) but they did come out of the bottle pretty easily; I love the silver micro holo glitter!  Starred & Striped is 1-2 coats, trying to get stars (matte bright blue) placed nicely and the red and white bar glitter spread out evenly.  The red bars are almost twice as long as the white ones, but it definitely represents the stars & stripes of the flag!  Boom Boom Boom is 2 pretty easy coats of micro red, white & blue glitter.  I haven't put Wild Blue Yonder on a nail of any sort yet, but from the little stripe I did of it on the center of my wheel, it's nicely pigmented but a little on the thin/runny side.

While I do wish that Save Me A Spot was more cooperative, I have no regrets on getting any of these polishes!  I like that the blue glitters in all of these are more of a medium blue, and the stars are a brighter shade of blue.  I have other star glitters in my collection but these are unique in both the colors and the finish.  I do have to be careful in getting the stars in just the right place or else the points drive me crazy and I go after them with clippers, but for a day or 2 (like for a holiday) it's all right.

Have you come across the Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red, White & Blue collection?  See any that you want to add to your stash?  Do you like star glitters?  How about circle glitters?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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