Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Spotted, Hauled...a few, & Swatched - Pure Ice Sparks Fly Collection + Review


I've recently purchased parts of 2 different patriotic collections that I've come across at 2 separate Walmart locations.  I really want to get them up before the upcoming 4th of July so today's got the first collection that I came across.  This is the Sparks Fly collection from Pure Ice.  It's quite a large collection, with the display having space for "smoky matte finishes" and "explosive glitters."  I'm not sure what colors are new and what aren't so I only picked up the 4 that caught my eye the most (plus I didn't know how mixed up the display was with the regularly available shades).
 Here's the 4 that I purchased:
Sparks Fly, Freedom, Party Hard, I Pledge Naillegiance (matte)
 Swatches, both on the wheel and my nails:
Party Hard, I Pledge Naillegiance (most accurate swatch of this one color-wise), 
Sparks Fly, Freedom
~the stars had to be fished out for both glitters

What?! Rare shot of my left hand (on top).  I was standing close to the window for both of these since I could not get the various colors/glitters to show how I wanted in my lightbox.
Undies (2 coats of all): pinkies are both Nicole by OPI Challenge Red-Y
ring fingers are both Party Hard
index and middle fingers are all I Pledge Naillegiance  (it photographed much brighter than in real life)

Now, how did I play with them?  In the top picture, I put a top coat on I Pledge Naillegiance on my index finger.  On my middle and ring fingers is a coat of Sparks Fly - no stars came out and I didn't go fishing.  On my pinkie I've got a coat of Freedom - again, no stars came out and I didn't fish.

On the bottom picture, on my pinkie is a coat of Sparks Fly with a star fished out.  My ring finger has a French tip using Freedom (no star).  On my middle fingers is a thick coat of Freedom with a star fished out (and a little extra of the base glitter to even out the coverage).  My index is how I Pledge Naillegiance looks in it's natural state.

The stars in both polishes are very hard to get out, even with fishing, so I wouldn't really count on these as a star-glitter top coat.  Maybe turning the bottles upside down for a few minutes might help them come out easier.  But I'm all right with that since stars can be annoying when the points don't lay down on the nail.  I really like how Sparks Fly has gold hex glitters (the few stars are silver holo); I feel like that makes it different since I normally think to pair blue with silver.  The blue glitters are nice and bright metallic.  Moving on to Freedom, the hex glitters are more of a periwinkle/violet-blue color rather than bright and the red glitter are a couple different sizes in a shiny metallic finish.  The stars are also silver holo.  I did notice that when I put Freedom over the medium blue of I Pledge Naillegiance, the color of the undies looks like it changed to more of a periwinkle.  Interesting... Both of these glitters look so...glowy...over matching base coats.  Party Hard is so dark of a navy blue that it almost looks black; I think it looked a little lighter in the store.  It, and Pledge, will be nice undies for more glitters in my massive stash.

Overall, other than the necessary fishing for stars, all of these applied easily and the dry time was good.  If you were careful, just one coat of I Pledge Naillegiance and Party Hard would suffice.  It might be possible to build Freedom up to opacity on its own, if you're into that.  I think that Freedom and Sparks Fly are the most original polishes out of the collection.

Of the 2 Walmarts I've been shopping at recently, I've only seen this display in one of them so it is definitely "select locations only," which I find annoying when companies do that.  At least the price is right.  

Have you come across the Pure Ice Sparks Fly collection?  What color would you get?  

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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