Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - China Glaze Surprise Collection


Another week has unintentionally passed since I was able to sit down in front of the computer.  Time is flying so quickly!  It took longer than I thought to move around and reorganize my setup, but I'm almost there.  I'm already so much happier with everything.  I'm nearly done with my new setup; I'm contemplating sharing some quick pictures of before and after.  Earlier today I had to take time out to assist the Mister in installing the window AC unit in my office since the main system isn't really able to push the cold air to the second floor.  Now we either need to find a second unit for the bedroom or I need to move my lip product drawer to my office.  I really need to get on a better time management system so I can get everything done that needs to be each day.

So this post is way late, but I did want to get it up since I worked so hard on swatching during my last session.  I'm talking about the China Glaze Surprise collection of 6 glitters.  I managed to snag these while they were on sale at Sally's Beauty Supply.  It's possible that what's left of these at the stores have been moved to the clearance bins.  I have noticed that while Ulta does still sell some China Glaze, I haven't seen any of the more recent collections there so I'm not sure what's going on.
All lined up at home:
Don't Be A Flake, I'm A Go Glitter, Create A Spark, Glimmer More, 
Glitter Up, Shine-nanigans
And swatches, both on the wheel and my nails (along with a revisit from Wet 'n Wild):
 Don't Be A Flake, I'm A Go Glitter, Create A Spark, Glimmer More, 
Glitter Up, Shine-nanigans
these are all approximately 2 coats to get a good heavy application on the wheel; 1 heavy coat on my nails below
>>>>for names of undies, CLICK HERE to go to my Wet 'n Wild post<<<<
top: Glitter Up, Glimmer More, I'm A Glo Glitter, Shine-nanigans
bottom: Create A Spark, Don't Be A Flake, Go Glitter

In the bottom picture, I was playing around some with the jelly tendencies of a couple of the Wet 'n Wild polishes from my last post.  On my pinkie, I've got 2 layers of Love Me Some Muscles! (from Wet 'n Wild) with a layer of Create A Spark and followed it up with another thin layer of Love Me Some Muscles!  On my thumb, I've got 2 coats of Contact High (from Wet 'n Wild) with a layer of I'm A Go Glitter and finished it off with another layer of Contact High.  I liked the result of my thumb better than my pinkie, but not bad for my first attempt at a jelly sandwich.  I'm happy that these glitters went so well with the Wet 'n Wild collection, which you'll be seeing part of again at least once more.

I really like how the glitters in this collection feature a variety of finishes in each bottle.  All have an element of matte glitter, while some had metallic and others have more of a reflective, touch of holo shift glitters.  I didn't find the clear base to be too thick or thin, but Don't Be A Flake was a bit runnier than the others.  These did apply better using more of a blob and spread method than actually brushing them on, so in this case it was good that the brush didn't really fan out at all.   By giving the brush a good stir/swirl in the bottle before doing each nail, I was able to get enough glitter to get a pretty even application.

I did use at least one of these in a full mani already, but I don't believe I got around to getting pictures of it.  I'll have to play around with these more to do full manis.  I really need to get better about at least snapping some quick phone pictures of each mani before they chip so I can post them on Instagram as I wear them.

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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