Thursday, June 19, 2014

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - All Access Beauty Bronzer Collection!


I'm being a little different today and posting about some makeup that I managed to come across last month.  More specifically, the limited edition Wet 'n Wild All Access Beauty Bronzer collection.  I was so happy to find them!  It's taken me too long to come to them in my photo-session pile, but I'm sharing them today (I'm even wearing one as I type this).  I found mine at Walgreens and don't recall seeing the display anywhere else, but I haven't been to CVS lately...nor have I been to the KMart that I can find limited edition collections at a lot of times.
>>>>for Everything Under the Sun (darkest one), the display picture (it's on the left) is actually showing the most color accurate compared to all my pictures<<<<
top: Hold Me Close
left: Dusk Til Dawn
right: Everything Under the Sun
Swatches! Left row is bronzer, right row is the blush.  I didn't swirl them together for my swatches.
top is Everything Under the Sun, center is Dusk Til Dawn, bottom is Hold Me Close

Everything Under the Sun and Dusk Til Dawn have a matte finish for both shades.  Hold Me Close's bronzer shade has a bit of a glow to it, but nothing major.  I put on the bronzer shade of Hold Me Close on my cheeks today and then layered over the blush from it and thought I had just the right amount of luminosity/glow.

The swatches were a little hard to get to show on my skin/in the pictures. But I can say that Hold Me Close looks so pretty on my super fair skin.  It worked better with my brush(es) than doing a finger swatch.  Since the blush shades are in the shape of a tree, I did have to squish the brush bristles to be able to get just the blush loaded.  I haven't used the other 2 yet, but I imagine that the bronzer shade of Dusk Til Dawn will be a good contour color for me.  I'll have to be careful using Everything Under the Sun so it doesn't look overwhelming on my skin.

Did you pick up any of the bronzers from the All Access Beauty collection?  What's your favorite bronzer?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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