Wednesday, June 4, 2014

FingerPaints Shredded Chromes March Collection + Swatches

**all items purchased by me

I missed getting anything up yesterday because I just got too sleepy to sit in front of the computer.  Tomo woke me up early, early morning and I didn't get back into a good sleep after that.  But since he's so cute he didn't get in much trouble...luckily he didn't do a repeat for today.  Anyway, I wanted to get one of my back-logged FingerPaints collection posts done.  You might be able to find random bottles from this collection in the clearance bin since it was out in Sally's back in March.  The collection I'm talking about is FingerPaints' Shredded Chromes collection of 5 polishes that dry to a textured finish.
 These are the 2 that I did not get: Gilded Chrome (left) and Crystalline Crush (right)
I ended up with 3 polishes from the collection, first purchasing a pair and then the 3rd another day after seeing a swatch of it.  When I bought the first 2, there was a deal that if you bought 2 of the Shredded Chromes you would get a free FingerPaints base coat, I just didn't include a picture of that.
 Stargazing Lilac, Metallic Moondust, Stardust Blush
Shredded Chromes is a stunningly beautiful, intensely packed glitter chrome nail color collection. Loaded with 3D glitter glam, these nail colors offer soft chrome colors with an edge. Limited Edition metallic polish fuses rich color with luxurious, textured glitter.
 Each swatch is 2 coats so they do cover nicely: 
(Golden Kisses is peeking in on the left side - different collection)
Stargazing Lilac, Metallic Moondust, Stardust Blush
(Mistful Thinking is peeking in on the right side - different collection to be posted soon)

I have had Stargazing Lilac on a couple of nails and, unfortunately, I had an extremely short wear time - well under a day - before there were huge chunks chipping off.  I believe that I had on Orly's Bonder under so I'll have to do some more experimenting to see if I can manage to get a better wear time.  Maybe if I put a regular creme polish as undies then a coat or 2 of the Shredded Chromes.

Did you pick up any of the Shredded Chromes collection?  How do you get better wear out of polishes that chip extremely easily?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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