Monday, June 9, 2014

FingerPaints Pastel Rain April Collection + Swatches!


I'm not feeling the best as I write this, but I took all afternoon and evening and did lots and lots of swatching so I wanted to get started on posting to work on clearing up the backlog.  Today I've got the polishes that I bought from FingerPaints Pastel Rain collection that was out in April.  You might get lucky and still be able to stumble upon a bottle or 2 from the collection in the clearance bin at Sally's Beauty Supply (and I've listed a couple of glitter dupes down at the bottom).
 Of the 6 polishes, these are the 3 I did not purchase:
A Pink of Pixie, Springtime Bloom, Dream I Can Fly

And now the 3 that did come home with me over a couple different trips (the first 2 were bogo free):
 Mistful Thinking, Crystal Springs, Shower With Flowers
Pastel Rain Collection is a customizable collection of pastel shades and glitters with an iridescent twist! Inspired by spring showers, decorate your nails with floral colored glitters and rainbow sparkle that reflects light like raindrops on petals. With three cream shades and three glitter toppers you can mix and match for a personalized botanical look!
 And swatches, both on the wheel and on my nails:
Mistful Thinking, Crystal Springs, Shower With Flowers
Mistful Thinking = 2 coats, Crystal Springs = 1 coat, Shower With Flowers = 2 coats

Crystal Springs and Shower With Flowers over Sinful Color Snow Me White
next is Mistful Thinking with Shower With Flowers, followed by Mistful Thinking (plain)
Crystal Springs is 1 coat, Shower With Flowers is 2 coats (both nails), Mistful Thinking is 3 coats (both nails)

Mistful Thinking, to me, is a neon lime green and dries to an interesting waxy-satin finish.  I didn't find the formula to bad when swatched over bare nails, but when I tried it later over a base coat it was a little more difficult.  However, I'm going to chalk that up to I was tired and my head felt like it was trying to float away from me.  I'll try it again soon with hopefully a better experience.  

Shower With Flowers is lime green hex glitters and tiny baby bar glitters with a healthy dose of holographic sparkle.  This wasn't quite as glitter packed as Crystal Springs, but 2 coats looks just right.  I had this on over a darker green over the weekend and loved the way it looked.  

I didn't realize until I enlarged the pictures, but Crystal Springs actually has some of the same lime green micro glitter as Shower With Flowers.  That's in addition to the sky blue micro glitters and silver shards.  I can't wait to play with this!  I'm thinking maybe a medium to dark blue, but I might try to think of a more creative combination between now and when I wear it as a full mani.

If you're interested in a couple of the glitters, there are dupes available (as long as you can still find them since at least 1 is on clearance at CVS).  A Pink of Pixie has a dupe in Hard Candy's line - Fairy Ball - and Milani's line (if still available) - Sugar Burst.  Shower With Flowers has a dupe in Milani's line (again, if still available) - Sugar Coated.  Crystal Springs is the truly unique glitter in this collection.  There are probably polishes similar to the creme colors, which is why I only picked up one.  If I come across Dream I Can Fly I might end up purchasing it, but I feel like I have pinks that are extremely similar to Springtime Bloom.

Did you pick up any polishes from the Pastel Rain collection?  What colors would you wear under the glitters?  Do you know of any dupes to Dream I can Fly or Springtime Bloom?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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