Monday, June 30, 2014

Spotted, Hauled...most, & Swatched - L'Oreal Electric Neons collection


I missed getting a post up yesterday because, oddly enough, I dozed off for an hour or so late in the evening/early night when I'm normally working on the blog and just couldn't get my mind working to concentrate on getting a post finished when I woke back up.  But today I didn't make the mistake of laying down so no chances of unplanned naps.  For today's post, I'm finally getting around to posting a limited edition collection that I've been loving lately.  It's the L'Oreal Electric Neons collection.  I picked up mine from Bed, Bath & Beyond; I'm not sure if' it's made it to regular drugstores yet since I'm trying to avoid going shopping so I can cut back on purchases.  I bought all but 1 shade and was able to use a couple of coupons from BB&B.
~I skipped the yellow, Banana Pop, figuring I wouldn't wear it 
(maybe if I see it on clearance somewhere it might eventually join the rest in my stash)~
Energetic Tangerine, Punchy Lychee, Acid Watermelon, Flashing Lilac, Fluo Azur

Swatch time, both on the wheel and my nails:
Energetic Tangerine, Punchy Lychee, Acid Watermelon, Flashing Lilac, Fluo Azur
~2 coats of each on the wheel~
On my nails, Acid Watermelon is 3 coats, but 2 thicker coats would probably work.  I don't think I had quite enough polish on the brush to start with on the first 2 coats.  The rest are 2 easy coats.  All of the colors dry to a matte-satin finish.  When I wore these on their own, I did add a top coat to make it nice and shiny - I did prefer them that way.  I found dry time to be fairly good.  Energetic Tangerine has a bit of a jelly finish.  I thought that when I've worn some of these as actual manicures others had a jelly finish as well but I either can't find the pictures, didn't take notes or neglected to get any before chores got to the polish.  In real life, Energetic Tangerine and Punchy Lychee looked farther apart than my pictures are showing; those 2 as well as Fluo Azur photographed more vividly than they are in real life.

I've really been craving bright colors lately and this collection fits the bill perfectly!  I think I've worn all of these on my nails for at least a day or more (depending on what I was doing in real life) and enjoyed having them on.  They weren't colors I got tired of quickly.

Have you spotted the L'Oreal Neon collection?  Do you like super bright colors like these on your nails?  What's your favorite neon polish(es)?  What's your technique for avoiding extra shopping?

**all items purchased by me
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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sephora Mini Haul - Too Faced & Nails Inc


I thought today I'd share what I ordered from Sephora a few weeks (or almost a couple months) ago.  Oops.  I was so busy getting outside work done, and then trying to get caught up on currently available limited edition polish collections that this just kept getting pushed down the priority list.  One of these months I'll get on a better schedule.

Anyway...let's see what came in my slightly smooshed Sephora box.  Luckily nothing was broken.  I ordered the Too Faced Pardon My French set.  I think I may have ordered this when Sephora had the latest Friends & Family sale going on...sounds right since I try not to order unless there's a deal of some sort.
Bonjour Summer palette (much smaller than I thought it would be), Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner, Lash Injection mascara deluxe sample, Shadow Insurance deluxe sample
top row of swatches: Cocoa Beach, Chocolate Sun, Toasted Coconut
middle row: Plumeria, Firefly, Mermaid
bottom row: Seashell, Sand Dollar, Sunbeam

Just one swipe of the Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Black.  Can't wait to try this baby out!
(swatches same as above)
I ended up having to build up pretty much all the shades to get them to show like this in the picture - they actually didn't swatch that well at all.  Overall, the shades do feel drier/stiffer than say...the Pretty Rebel palette.  A primer definitely helps.  I forgot to take notes when I originally swatched this, but I may have recently put hand cream on so my swatches look better than the quick ones I just popped on my hand (dry skin).  Of course, I always wear primer - I might even get out a sticky base for these, especially if I really want the pink to pop.  Some of the shades I need to play around with to figure out how to wear the colors.

I picked out my first 2 Nails Inc polishes.  I always think, if I have to pay for shipping then I might as well order something else to get to that free shipping point and get something for my money.  These came wrapped up in a bubble-wrap bag.
Floral Street Mews and Daisy Lane
The 3 samples I chose:
Murad Clarifying Wipe (yep, another one)
Daisy Eau So Fresh spray
Burberry Brit Rhythm spray

I knew when I purchased this that the sample tube of Shadow Insurance wouldn't be staying with me.  I've kept the open tube that I did a review on, but any others of this brand are being sent over to my sister-in-law since it works better for her.  Based on the swatch of the eyeliner, I'm super impressed with the shade.  I haven't done a wear test on it yet, but when I do I'll do my best to get a review of it up.  I haven't opened the mascara at all yet, but when I do I'll be looking for that "extreme volume" it promises on the tube as well as any length and if it flakes or not.

Recently, Too Faced as released not one, not 2 but 3 new palettes.  I haven't seen them yet, but they are the Rock & Roll, Country and Cat Eyes.  My order of wanting to purchase is Country first, then Cat Eyes followed by Rock & Roll.  Right now on the Too Faced site it shows them as new with nothing indicating they are limited edition.  I'm waiting to see them hopefully in Ulta soon to really decide.

I've already worn one of the polishes but I don't believe I got any pictures before it chipped - that happened a lot during May.  I can't wait to play around with these more to figure out the best undies for each.  I did notice that the flowers need a bit of fishing to get them out.

Have you gotten anything from Too Faced yet?  Anything on your wish list?  Have you used any Nails Inc polishes?  How do you feel about flower glitters in your polish?

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Collective Random Hauls!


I thought today I'd share some random hauls that have happened over the last month or so.  I've got polishes, makeup, shoes and a few accessories so let's get started!

While making a quick stop at Big Lots a couple of weeks ago, I came across some fun limited edition Maybelline polishes from Summer 2013 (I found 5 of the 10 from the collection), as well as a few other polishes...and no-show socks.
left to right:  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mystic Lilac (Fall 2009), Sephora by OPI What's Your Sign? and Wild About Shimer
Maybelline Color Show polishes in: Canary Cool, turquoise Paradise, Bare Escape, Poolside, Mint Mist
Moving on to a local drugstore:
Prestige was on a very good sale that particular week and Milani was also on sale, so I figured it would be a good time to pick up a few more Prestige eye shadows, and I was planning on eventually getting all of the Gold Label/Sugar line from Milani (this particular sale was before the CVS clearance started) and just started with this one.
Color Rush eye shadow in The Chase (purple in the black case)
eyeshadows in Flushed, Purity and Virtue - Purity and Virtue are matte; this formula can be used wet

I've picked up a few pieces of jewelry on clearance in addition to the shoes I wanted from DSW (had a coupon with a minimum purchase requirement and the shoes weren't enough on their own):
these black ones are the Adidas Sunlina shoes
~I also have them in the "Satellite" color which is a bright blue

More recently, I got another coupon in the mail from DSW so decided to go back and get another pair of comfy, casual shoes that I had spotted when I was originally looking for the more ballet-inspired shoe:
these are the Reebok Skyscape Runaround in pink (hot pink, my picture is a bit off)
~these are machine washable, and this was the last pair in my size of the pink so I knew I had to get them (there are a few other colors that were still in stock at the store so...I might keep going back to see if they go on sale)

I've purchased other things as well, but this is enough for today.  I still have a few more limited edition collections to share as well.

Have you hauled anything good lately?  What's your favorite style/color of shoe for summer wear?

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Spotted, Hauled...a few, & Swatched - Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red, White & Blue Collection


I unintentionally missed getting a post up yesterday since I went with the Mister to a networking dinner for him and got back pretty late.  And since I'm not used to having beverages (sangria and regular wine)...I was not up to sitting in front of the computer and editing/typing up a post.  But I really want to get this other patriotic limited edition collection up while it's still hopefully possible to find it in (yet again) very select Walmart locations.  This is Salon Perfect's Paint the Town Red, White & Blue collection.  There's some new polishes as well as some regularly available polishes.  Also, along the very top of the display, there are 4 choices of nail art pens plus a dotting tool and brush combo.  Along the side is a decent selection of striping polishes, striping tape and some star decals.  I only got some of the regular-sized polishes and the decals.
Now let's see which ones I ended up purchasing (minus one that I ended up purchasing at a later date/after all the pictures were done):
Save Me A Spot, Speck-Tacular, Star Spangled, Starred & Striped, Boom Boom Boom 
(not pictured, Wild Blue Yonder)
The pack of Nail Decals (different angle to show the holo cast):

 Swatch time (same order on wheel and my nails)!
Save Me A Spot, Speck-Tacular, Star Spangled, Starred & Striped, Boom Boom Boom
Wild Blue Yonder - center of the wheel itself (not on a nail)
Other than that blue stripe on the middle of my wheel, I don't have Wild Blue Yonder swatched since I did purchase it later.  The base polish that I used in my nail swatches is Pure Ice I Pledge Naillegiance.

All of the glitters are matte in finish (except for the inclusion of holo micro glitter in Star Spangled).  Save Me A Spot, the large circle glitters, was basically entirely fished out and placed so this one requires patience.  Speck-Tacular was one coat with a little extra added just to get an even coverage (hex shaped glitters).  Star Spangled needed a little placing of the stars (red, matte silver, matte bright blue) but they did come out of the bottle pretty easily; I love the silver micro holo glitter!  Starred & Striped is 1-2 coats, trying to get stars (matte bright blue) placed nicely and the red and white bar glitter spread out evenly.  The red bars are almost twice as long as the white ones, but it definitely represents the stars & stripes of the flag!  Boom Boom Boom is 2 pretty easy coats of micro red, white & blue glitter.  I haven't put Wild Blue Yonder on a nail of any sort yet, but from the little stripe I did of it on the center of my wheel, it's nicely pigmented but a little on the thin/runny side.

While I do wish that Save Me A Spot was more cooperative, I have no regrets on getting any of these polishes!  I like that the blue glitters in all of these are more of a medium blue, and the stars are a brighter shade of blue.  I have other star glitters in my collection but these are unique in both the colors and the finish.  I do have to be careful in getting the stars in just the right place or else the points drive me crazy and I go after them with clippers, but for a day or 2 (like for a holiday) it's all right.

Have you come across the Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red, White & Blue collection?  See any that you want to add to your stash?  Do you like star glitters?  How about circle glitters?

**all items purchased by me
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Spotted, Hauled...a few, & Swatched - Pure Ice Sparks Fly Collection + Review


I've recently purchased parts of 2 different patriotic collections that I've come across at 2 separate Walmart locations.  I really want to get them up before the upcoming 4th of July so today's got the first collection that I came across.  This is the Sparks Fly collection from Pure Ice.  It's quite a large collection, with the display having space for "smoky matte finishes" and "explosive glitters."  I'm not sure what colors are new and what aren't so I only picked up the 4 that caught my eye the most (plus I didn't know how mixed up the display was with the regularly available shades).
 Here's the 4 that I purchased:
Sparks Fly, Freedom, Party Hard, I Pledge Naillegiance (matte)
 Swatches, both on the wheel and my nails:
Party Hard, I Pledge Naillegiance (most accurate swatch of this one color-wise), 
Sparks Fly, Freedom
~the stars had to be fished out for both glitters

What?! Rare shot of my left hand (on top).  I was standing close to the window for both of these since I could not get the various colors/glitters to show how I wanted in my lightbox.
Undies (2 coats of all): pinkies are both Nicole by OPI Challenge Red-Y
ring fingers are both Party Hard
index and middle fingers are all I Pledge Naillegiance  (it photographed much brighter than in real life)

Now, how did I play with them?  In the top picture, I put a top coat on I Pledge Naillegiance on my index finger.  On my middle and ring fingers is a coat of Sparks Fly - no stars came out and I didn't go fishing.  On my pinkie I've got a coat of Freedom - again, no stars came out and I didn't fish.

On the bottom picture, on my pinkie is a coat of Sparks Fly with a star fished out.  My ring finger has a French tip using Freedom (no star).  On my middle fingers is a thick coat of Freedom with a star fished out (and a little extra of the base glitter to even out the coverage).  My index is how I Pledge Naillegiance looks in it's natural state.

The stars in both polishes are very hard to get out, even with fishing, so I wouldn't really count on these as a star-glitter top coat.  Maybe turning the bottles upside down for a few minutes might help them come out easier.  But I'm all right with that since stars can be annoying when the points don't lay down on the nail.  I really like how Sparks Fly has gold hex glitters (the few stars are silver holo); I feel like that makes it different since I normally think to pair blue with silver.  The blue glitters are nice and bright metallic.  Moving on to Freedom, the hex glitters are more of a periwinkle/violet-blue color rather than bright and the red glitter are a couple different sizes in a shiny metallic finish.  The stars are also silver holo.  I did notice that when I put Freedom over the medium blue of I Pledge Naillegiance, the color of the undies looks like it changed to more of a periwinkle.  Interesting... Both of these glitters look so...glowy...over matching base coats.  Party Hard is so dark of a navy blue that it almost looks black; I think it looked a little lighter in the store.  It, and Pledge, will be nice undies for more glitters in my massive stash.

Overall, other than the necessary fishing for stars, all of these applied easily and the dry time was good.  If you were careful, just one coat of I Pledge Naillegiance and Party Hard would suffice.  It might be possible to build Freedom up to opacity on its own, if you're into that.  I think that Freedom and Sparks Fly are the most original polishes out of the collection.

Of the 2 Walmarts I've been shopping at recently, I've only seen this display in one of them so it is definitely "select locations only," which I find annoying when companies do that.  At least the price is right.  

Have you come across the Pure Ice Sparks Fly collection?  What color would you get?  

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Solitaire wants to Stick it to the Man


I've been quite busy today which means that I've lost track of time.  At least I got some gardening done before the storms came through, and I got a couple of inside chores done as well.  A little bit each day.  I thought for today I'd share one of my more recent nail looks that I quite enjoyed.  I've had both polishes for quite a while (one I got last year) but never used until recently.  So let's see what I came up with!

For some reason I really wanted white nails...but not super white.  Then the perfect polish popped into my head.  I pulled out my bottle and did 2 coats of OPI Solitaire.  I don't believe I had on any base/treatment of any sort, and since it's a textured polish, no top coat.
OPI Solitaire is a Liquid Sand formula and came out in the Bond Girls collection from last summer.  It's a nice "oyster white" (I used to have a bottle of acrylic paint called that and it reminds me of that shade) with a touch of a silver sparkle from the light amount of small glitters thrown in for extra interest.  While it does dry to a textured finish, it wasn't extremely rough.  I can't believe I took so long to wear this!
Side note - the solitaire game on my phone is actually one thing that's really helped my skin (huh?!).  Whenever my hands aren't busy and I get the urge to touch my face, I open the game and start playing.  It keeps my hands from my face so no picking at spots.

Moving on...for some reason I got in my head that I wanted to see blue glitters over part of the nail.  So I did my trusty diagonal color blocking with Wet 'n Wild Mega Rocks glitter nail color in Stick it to the Man.  It took a little work to get an even application of glitters where I wanted them, but I achieved what I wanted.
Wet 'n Wild Mega Rocks glitter nail color is the newest line from Wet 'n Wild.  Stick it to the Man is composed of bright metallic blue and lighter blue hex glitters and clear-to-orange iridescent square glitters in a clear base.  The glitters did try to stick to the brush rather than my nail, but it wasn't bad.  
It was a little tricky to get the glitters to stick where I wanted, especially at the most narrow part of the color blocking.  Looking at my pictures, my pinkie could have used a little more by the cuticle.  The base of this glitter polish smoothed out the texture of Solitaire, but I figured that would happen.  I did cover my thumb nails entirely since they are a different shape from the rest - every time in the last couple of months I've tried to square them off they break soon after.  I feel like this particular look, while summery with the white polish, would also work perfectly in the winter or for New Years.

This is the first time I've tried putting glitter over a textured polish and I really liked the way that it came out.  Exactly what I had pictured in my mind and what I was in the mood for.  I did this not too long before I moved my polishes to my office and reorganized them somewhat.  Since then I've been more inspired to come up with color combos than ever.  Yay!  There may be more glitters over textures in my future!

Do you get cravings to wear white polish ever?  What bottle do you grab?

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Stash Sharing - Sephora Formula X & Sephora by OPI


I'm having a tired day, but that's okay.  I'm starting to wonder if on the days that I feel like this I actually slept crappy the night before but don't remember/realize it.  Maybe I'll actually drag my rear to bed sooner than normal.  Anyway... I thought that for today's Sunday Stash Sharing I would do polishes that are from Sephora.  That means I have my Formula X and Sephora by OPI polishes.  Of today's polishes, only one was actually purchased in Sephora.  The rest were either from TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Big Lots.

Let's get started with Formula X.
Demolition, Surreal, Hocus Pocus
Surreal and Hocus Pocus were part of the Hologlams collection

These next 3 have a textured finish:
 Intergalactic, Revolution, Black Hole

  • Intergalactic and Black Hole are from the Celestials collection
  • Revolution is from the Lusters collection

Now let's see what Sephora by OPI polishes I've picked up.  The majority of them have come from Big Lots.
If You've Got It, Haunt It; Caffeine Fix; High Maintenance, Wild About Shimmer, What's Your Sign?
I know I've worn Demolition, but I don't believe I showed it before (or even took pictures).  I do remember I had it on over a purple from Sinful Colors.

Just for fun, I've included a quick shot of the swatch wheel:
Sephora by OPI polishes to the left side of the wheel; Formula X to the right

Do you have any of old Sephora by OPI polishes in your stash?  Do you have a favorite Formula X polish?  Do you ever have tired days but have no idea why you feel that way?  How do you get your energy back?

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Project "Finish This Stuff," part 31 - April 2014

**purchased / g.w.p. / gift

After so many posts in a row showing new polishes in my life, I felt like proving that I actually do use up products from time to time.  Today I'm going all the way back to the month of April for my Project "Finish This Stuff" update.  I didn't get a whole lot finished, but I'm happy that I got a few things finished... Wait, one I wasn't happy to finish, but I'll get to that in a minute.  As always, I've included quick reviews of the products and whether or not I'll purchase/repurchase.

Let's get started, shall we?
Dial White Tea & Vitamin E antibacterial handsoap with moisturizer - purchased from Target (when the bonus size was available).  I've gone through several of these and I have already repurchased more for my bathroom as well as a couple others in the house.
Aveeno Living Color for medium thick hair Shampoo and Conditioner - purchased from Target (I think).  These were nice and I felt like my color didn't fade super fast.  But I think that I like the ones from Suave better so won't repurchase.
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum (travel size) - given to me by my mom.  I absolutely love this serum!  It really did help my hair to dry faster when blow-drying.  Will eventually purchase after I work my way through a similar product from another brand.  The only downside is that this is a pricey product when you go to buy the full size (5.1 oz) bottle - nearly $20 when you add in tax.
CVS Eye Makeup Remover oil-free - purchased from CVS (obviously).  This is my favorite, HG eye makeup remover.  It's comparable to Neutrogena's dual phase remover at a much better price; I feel like the CVS version works better than Walgreens' version.  Will repurchase.
Murad Clarifying Wipes for blemish-prone skin - sample from Sephora.  I did really like this as a quick morning wipe. I didn't find this to be irritating to my skin which does have the occasional sensitivity.  I might purchase, but the price has held me back from them so far.  I have more thoughts on this sample in my previous Project Finish update.
Clindamycin phosphate topical lotion - prescription.  Nope.  Didn't do a thing for me...I actually think that I started breaking out more when I tried to reintroduce this to my skin.  I didn't even finish this bottle all the way.  Won't repurchase - I haven't even seen the dermatologist for my acne in at least a year.
Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover (travel size, gift with purchase).  I use the ones that I end up with through gifts with purchase BUT my eyes aren't thrilled with that.  The rose scent of this can be irritating to my eyes, so if there happens to be a trace of mascara or something that won't come off with water I have to use either the CVS or Clinique brand remover.  Won't specifically purchase, but will use ones I get.

Do you ever put off purchasing/repurchasing products you like just because they are on the pricier side?

**all items purchased by me / gift with purchase / given as gift
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Lancome Mini Haul & Gift with Purchase

**purchased / g.w.p.

I really wanted to do a nail post today, but looking through the files...I did not like any of them.  Poor lighting, poor camera quality, not as focused as they should be... You name a reason for not liking the picture, I felt it.  So instead, I'm finally sharing what I got when I purchased during the last gift with purchase at the Lancome counter at Dillards (it happened quite a while ago in April).

They had a beauty event in order to get pre-sales.  Well, I attended the event and rather than pre-sale, I took home a sample bottle of the DreamTone in number 1 and ended up really liking it.  While I didn't end up purchasing much - only 1 actual item - it was plenty pricey.  But since I didn't pre-sale and didn't get in to the store right when the gift officially started, I missed out on the choice of makeup item.  Darn.
 DreamTone number 1.  I'll have to do a review on it.
 Gift items:
sample tubes of Cils Booster XL and Definicils mascaras
2 sample bottles of DreamTone number 1 (she gave me an extra)
1.7 fl. oz. bottle of Bi-Facil eye makeup remover
0.5 oz jar of High Resolution Night Refill-3X night cream
lipstick in Sugared Maple (sheer) - this one is going in my backup drawer since I already have a tube from a previous gift

~2 swipes of Sugared Maple~

The eye makeup remover isn't my favorite - darn scent - but I am working my way through the ones in my stash.  The mini DreamTones will be perfect for if/when we travel again.  I do really like the Definicils mascara, but haven't tried the Cils Booster XL primer.  I also haven't tried the night cream, but I do have another sample jar of it in my stash - if/when I go to use it, I'll have plenty to get a good feel for if I like it or not.

I've got a couple of eyeshadows on my Lancome to-buy list.  And eventually I'll need refills of the Advanced Genefique and DreamTone.  Their cleansing water also caught my eye to use in the mornings.  They do have a SPF lotion for the face, but it's not a moisturizing formula and I would prefer to have some moisture built in even though I have combo skin.

Have you tried Lancome's DreamTone?  Do you have a favorite, effective treatment for lightening old/left-over acne marks?  Do you like anything else from Lancome?

**all items purchased by me / gift with purchase
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - All Access Beauty Bronzer Collection!


I'm being a little different today and posting about some makeup that I managed to come across last month.  More specifically, the limited edition Wet 'n Wild All Access Beauty Bronzer collection.  I was so happy to find them!  It's taken me too long to come to them in my photo-session pile, but I'm sharing them today (I'm even wearing one as I type this).  I found mine at Walgreens and don't recall seeing the display anywhere else, but I haven't been to CVS lately...nor have I been to the KMart that I can find limited edition collections at a lot of times.
>>>>for Everything Under the Sun (darkest one), the display picture (it's on the left) is actually showing the most color accurate compared to all my pictures<<<<
top: Hold Me Close
left: Dusk Til Dawn
right: Everything Under the Sun
Swatches! Left row is bronzer, right row is the blush.  I didn't swirl them together for my swatches.
top is Everything Under the Sun, center is Dusk Til Dawn, bottom is Hold Me Close

Everything Under the Sun and Dusk Til Dawn have a matte finish for both shades.  Hold Me Close's bronzer shade has a bit of a glow to it, but nothing major.  I put on the bronzer shade of Hold Me Close on my cheeks today and then layered over the blush from it and thought I had just the right amount of luminosity/glow.

The swatches were a little hard to get to show on my skin/in the pictures. But I can say that Hold Me Close looks so pretty on my super fair skin.  It worked better with my brush(es) than doing a finger swatch.  Since the blush shades are in the shape of a tree, I did have to squish the brush bristles to be able to get just the blush loaded.  I haven't used the other 2 yet, but I imagine that the bronzer shade of Dusk Til Dawn will be a good contour color for me.  I'll have to be careful using Everything Under the Sun so it doesn't look overwhelming on my skin.

Did you pick up any of the bronzers from the All Access Beauty collection?  What's your favorite bronzer?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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