Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The "Studio" is 3 Today!! - Nails to Celebrate!

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Long time, no see...again.  Another year has come and gone in my little corner of the blog world, with today being the "Studio's" 3rd birthday!  I know I've been slacking quite a bit lately, but I think that we are finally coming to the home stretch of this year's major garden renovations/removals that were at the top of the list...I hope.  That means that I should have more time available.  Although there is always work to be done outside, I miss having my "me" time with the blog so I want/need to move that back up on the priority list.

So I wanted to continue my unofficial tradition by using the same 2 polishes as my very first post for today's.  Unfortunately, this time I'm also sporting a couple of patches on various nails.

I started off with 2 coats of Wet 'n Wild FastDry in Magic Trident over just a coat of Seche Recondition (my nails are dried out from wearing leather gloves for the last 1-2 weeks almost constantly.  My thumb has a bonus of a ridge filler since that's where one of my patches is living.  Magic Trident is a 2011 limited edition polish from around when I was really getting into limited edition polish collections.  Then I pulled out a couple different dotting tools and had some fun with Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl.
I think the settings on my camera are still off...either that or the colors look off since I used the shimmery orange as a base.  Maybe it's because I didn't use a black background like I normally do for my nails (I think that's probably the real issue which I didn't think of until just now).  For a better representation of how the colors look, check out my taped mani post from last year.  Looking at this year's post and last year's...I think I like last year's look better.  

EDIT:  Much, much better picture.  Note to self - mani posts need the black to look their best.
I just want to say thank you to everyone who checks out my posts.  It means a lot that people would actually take the time to see what content I create.  I really hope to get back into the swing of things full-time since I have lots of things to share.  If you don't follow me on Instagram, I do post other things (tiny hauls, nail looks, kitty pictures, etc) that might never make it here on the blog (but they should show up on Twitter and Facebook since those are linked).

Here's to another productive year!  <3 :-)

**all items purchased by me
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