Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Kohl's Mini Haul - the Balm Smoke Balm Eye Shadow Trios + Swatches

**all items purchased by me

Long time, no see!  I've been super busy with yard work for the last week and a half with much more yet to do.  The Mister planned major garden renovations, as in take them out, so I've been out working every day until there's literally no daylight left...except for today since my hands/arms were so sore I could barely pick up my coffee mug.  I've even been working in the rain drops since there's so much that needs dug out/sprayed with chemicals.  When it is finally time to stop for the day I'm so tired that it's all I can do to get his shirt ironed for work before I'm ready to drop into bed.  At least I'm having an easier time getting to sleep.  While I'm not sure how regularly I'll be posting for a while during this major destruction time, I am going to keep blogging when I have the energy both physically and mentally.  Just please bear with me.

So I thought today I'd share some quick swatches of a couple of mini palettes that I found at Kohl's from the Balm.  I was so surprised to actually see these in store since the location I go to wasn't one of the lucky ones to get a whole display of the Balm products.  These are both called Smoke Balm, which are smokey eye palettes.  Other than the colored ribbon printed across the bottom, there's no distinction between the 2.  They cost $12 each and I found them a little over a month ago (haven't been back since to see if they're still there or not).
Swatches of the teal packaging version - I'd say that this is the "cooler toned" palette:
 Swatches of the coral packaging version - I'd call this the "warmer toned" palette:

All of the colors swatched easily.  Flame from the teal packaging looks a little funny in the swatch but the color and pigmentation make for a perfect pearly highlight shade for me and my super fair skin.  Both of the darkest shades have some shimmer but it's not really noticeable once on the eye.  As is the case with all shadows I have from the Balm, these apply and blend wonderfully with the brand's usual creamy texture.  A sticky base might help the shimmer from Blaze and Kindle hang on better when it comes time to blend.  I'm pleased and I'll get a lot of use out of these since there's no thinking to make a complete eye look.

Have you found anything from the Balm at Kohl's?  How about any other brands?

**all items purchased by me
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