Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spotted, Hauled...most & Swatched - Revlon Tweeds & Leather Collection

**all items purchased by me

I've finally gotten the time to myself to do swatches for today's Spotted, Hauled & Swatched post!  It's the Uptown Tweeds & Downtown Leather collecton.  I bought these quite a while ago, as in the beginning of February (which is why there's a couple pictures where you'll see my gloves), but I just saw it appear at Walgreens.  I bought mine from Bed, Bath & Beyond - I've been addicted to that store lately.  I did use a couple of BB&B coupons.

As always, the display picture:
 These are the 2 that I did not purchase, Motorcycle Jacket and Woven Clutch:
~I already have the black Sally Hansen "Sugar Coat" polish in Lick-O-Rich so I didn't want to get a second black
~Woven Clutch is a dupe of the limited edition Sinful Colors polish in Gold Tinsel (from around the holidays) so I also passed on that one.  I actually thought ahead to swatch the "tinsel" polishes from Sinful Colors before searching for this collection since Revlon now owns Sinful Colors.  Logical to wonder if there were any dupes/repromotes/whatever you want to call it.

Now onto the shades I did purchase.  I actually ended up purchasing these in 2 different visits.
Leather Skinnies, Rock Chic, Downtown, Martini Lunch, Tweed Mini, Uptown (the last 4 polishes are actually the ones I bought first)

Bottle/label shots (I forgot to take them at home, but I did get good ones at the store):
Martini Lunch is metallic green with white matte bar glitters
Tweed Mani is sky blue, matte and white matte baby bar glitters
Uptown is metallic hot pink and lavender bar glitters

And swatches.  I have both on the nail wheel and on my nails (the ones on my nails were what held me up in getting this up sooner)
 Leather Skinnies, Rock Chic, Downtown, Martini Lunch, Tweed Mini, Uptown
~Tweed Mini and Uptown are one coat; the rest are 2 coats
Rock Chic on my pinkie, Leather Skinnies on my ring and index fingers, Downtown on my middle finger
~2 coats each, no base~
Martini Lunch, Tweed Mani, Uptown, (Sinful Colors Gold Tinsel - Woven Clutch dupe)
~all roughly one coat (with a little bar arranging)~
~Tweed Mani was the most stubborn in getting an even application~~
~base colors: pinkie = Pure Ice Home Run, ring = Nicole by OPI Sweet Daisy, middle & index = Sinful Colors Snow me White

As for the wear time of these, I have tried 2 of the "Leather" finish polishes.  Unfortunately, I find these to have an incredibly short wear time.  I'm talking the first one I wore, Downtown, I applied an hour or 2 before bed and when I woke up the next day I already had at least 1 nail chipped.  I just had on Rock Chic and it was pretty much the same story - chipped after less than a day.  At least I can say that I didn't experience any staining from the blue (even when I put it back on for swatch pictures with no base coat).  These do dry to a slightly textured finish, but there is no sharpness or any "gritty" feel like OPI's Liquid Sand or Zoya's PixieDust.  The length of the bar glitters in Tweed Mini are along the lines of Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat line and China Glaze's On the Horizon collection.  The other 3 have longer bars and are metallic.  I haven't worn any of the "Tweed" polishes as a mani yet, but from having them on for swatches, they would benefit from a thicker topcoat to get a nice smooth finish.  If you wanted to keep the matte finish of Tweed Mini, then a matte topcoat would need to be added as well.

Do you like bar or "feather" polishes?  Have many in your collection?  Are you planning on getting any from this Revlon collection?   How often do you purchase a polish only to find an exact dupe of it at home?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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