Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rimmel Sweetie Crush Polishes - Comparisons

**all items purchased by me

As promised, this post has my comparisons between the new Rimmel Sweetie Crush collection and various other textured polishes.  I'll be comparing to OPI, Zoya, Sally Hansen, Nicole by OPI and China Glaze.  The only Rimmel that won't be compared is Sherbet Sweetheart as that one is unique.
Rimmel Candyfloss Cutie on pinkie and middle, 2 coats
China Glaze Wish On a Starfish on ring, 3 coats
OPI Pussy Galore on index, 2 coats
Rimmel Blueberry Whizz on pinkie and middle, 2 coats
Sally Hansen Royal Icing on ring, 4 coats
OPI Tiffany Case on index, 1 coat
Rimmel Violet Swizzle on pinkie and middle, 2 coats
Zoya Stevie on ring, 2 coats
Nicole by OPI I Lilac Gumdrops on index, 2 coats
Rimmel Fizzy Applelicious on pinkie and middle, 3 coats
Zoya Vespa on ring and index, 3 coats

Out of all of these polishes, I wasn't able to find any actual dupes. Other than Zoya's initial PixieDust release and a few OPI Liquid Sands, the majority of what I have in my collection have a richer/darker color or are more metallic/shimmery.  So that makes this Rimmel collection that's nothing but pastel shades pretty unique.

Do you have a favorite textured polish?  Do you prefer pastel shades or gravitate more towards richer &/or jewel tones?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated


  1. Thanks for doing this awesome comparison! I was wondering about dupes.

    1. You're welcome! Always fun to figure out if something's a dupe or not. :-)