Thursday, April 17, 2014

Island Coral got Sugar Coated

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Since the Spring weather is slowly starting it's time to start making my toes pretty again!  Of course, 2 days after I got polish on it snowed again so my pretty polish combo will be staying inside of socks for a while.  This darn Ohio weather, so confused.

Anyway, while this is what's on my toes currently I also put it on my thumb nail to share here on the blog.  I started off with Sinful Colors Island Coral and then added a coat of Icing's Sugar Coated.
For my thumb nail, I just needed 2 coats of Island Coral...but on my toes I needed a 3rd since I have major ridges running across the nails.  It might have helped if I had used a ridge-filling base coat and/or given the worst nails a buff first but I didn't.  Next time.  I didn't use any topcoat, either since I was working on the computer and not moving around.  Island Coral is a nice creme coral color, which is a shade I am craving right now in both polishes and blushes.
Icing's Sugar Coated is a pretty fine glitter topper with quite a bit of holo sparkles mixed in.  I'd describe it as a fairly neutral pale silver glitter topper.  It's got a clear base so I can see it working over just about any color for a splash of interest that isn't an in-your-face chunky glitter.
I love this combination of polishes and I can see getting a lot of use out of Sugar Coated over other shades!

Do you have some nails that give you more difficulty in applying polish than others?

**all items purchased by me
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