Monday, April 14, 2014

Hard Candy Sky

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It's felt so nice and Spring-y around here the last couple of days so I thought I would share a nice Spring-like polish.  Unfortunately, Hard Candy discontinued this line a while ago (maybe early last year?) so this one's harder to come by unless you resort to online shopping.  Hard Candy did have some nice creamy polishes in their older line but I don't believe there's any cremes or cremes with hidden shimmer at all in the new line up.

This is 3 coats of Hard Candy's Sky.  I don't remember if I used base or top coats.  I might not have since I used this as undies for a glitter I was swatching last Fall for a post.
I think I needed the 3rd coat to help even things out, but in the picture my middle finger looks a little...funky.  Maybe the bottle needs a bit of thinner to keep that from happening.  Anyway, this is a gorgeous pastel blue that really does remind me of the color of the sky on some days...just not today's since it was overcast and trying to rain before the temperature drops tonight.  It does have a pretty slightly brighter pearly-blue shimmer that is extremely hidden.
You can see the hidden shimmer in the bottle shot, but on the nails it pretty much hid.  Bummer.  I wonder if I have a layering polish that would enhance the shimmer.  I need to get this back out and wear soon.  I've got all kinds of glitter polishes that could dress it up if I wanted.

Did you pick up Sky when it was still available?  Do you know of any colors from other brands that are similar or a dupe of this?

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