Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Color Club & OPI Mini Haul!

**all items purchased by me

I'm suffering from a bit of writers' block for my blog today.  I literally stared at the folders on my computer just clicking around for one to jump out at me for today's blog.  After almost an hour, I decided to share this little haul from the local beauty supply shop back at the start of the year.  I think that part of my problem is that we have yet another plumbing issue which will require some of our basement ceiling coming down.  Yuck.  At least we don't have to keep the water for the house turned off since it's a drip rather than a stream/waterfall like earlier in the year.

Anyway...on to the pretties!
Color Club polishes and OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go
 Apollo Star, Gingerbread and Beyond the Mistletoe

Apollo Star is from the Harlem Lights collection - Winter/Holiday 2013
Gingerbread and Beyond the Mistletoe are from the Beyond the Mistletoe collection - Holiday 2011

This haul happened around the same time that the Nicole by OPI cuticle oil in a tube was hitting stores (around $8) but I knew that I could get the OPI version from the local shop for less so that's what caused me to go in that day.  But then I decided I wanted to pick up some pretties as well as the oil for my purse, and this thought process is what gets me in trouble.  I'm not sure how easy these polishes are to come by at this point, especially in store.

What's your favorite cuticle oil?  Do you like the runny ones or ones in a tube like OPI/NOPI?  Or do you prefer cream products?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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