Saturday, April 12, 2014

Collective Ulta Haul, part 2 (March)

**all items purchased by me

Today's post is a follow-up to my previous Collective Ulta Haul.  This time it's the purchases from March.  Once again, I only purchased items on 3 days, but I've spent many other days in there just playing with makeup and talking makeup/skincare with the employees.  March also included my first microdermabrasion treatment done in the Salon/Spa section.
Lorac TANtalizer mini and Mario Badescu Whitening Mask
~I've used the mask a few times; I was hoping for faster results in it helping my pigmentation...but I'm getting impatient again.  Must.  Learn.  Patience.  Anyway, since it's in a tub, I use a little spatula-type thing from Sally's so I'm not sticking my fingers in it.  It has clay in it which also helps with any active spots.
~I ended up redeeming some Ulta points to get this for $6 (the mini is $12)
~I've been using this off and on, but I can't really decide my feelings on this.  I do like that the bronzer side is matte.  But for some reason I already need to scrape the top layer off the bronzer.  When it is performing as it should I find that it isn't too dark for my skin and it blends easily.  I actually have used the highlight shade more and have not had the problem of needing to scrape it.  Odd.  The highlighter isn't too disco-ball shimmery, it just provides a nice subtle glow when used on the cheekbones.

Moving on, we have a purchase from the 21 Days of Beauty event.  I managed to behave myself quite well if I do say so myself.  I actually only took advantage of one day and that was for the butter LONDON deal (2 for $15).  I did attempt to get the Smashbox deal but it was sold out by the time I got there (which was late afternoon).
Lucy in the Sky and Indigo Punk
 ~I knew that I wanted to get Lucy in the Sky - pretty champagne neutral with holo sparkles liberally sprinkled, but for my second shade I went back and forth for a while.  I almost got a basic peachy nude creme but ultimately decided on the sparkly goodness of Indigo Punk.
~I swatched these on my nail wheel and both covered nicely in 2 coats; Indigo Punk probably could have used a 3rd coat for complete coverage, especially on a nail.  I'll find out for sure when I put this on my nails.

And for my final March Ulta visit, the Cargo line had gone to 50% off everything!  So I grabbed another kit, paying only $9 for it:
I think I got a "bonus kit" since when I unwrapped everything from the tissue paper, there were 3 TexasLash mascara deluxe sample tubes.  Also included in deluxe samples are Picture Perfect Lip Primer and half-size of The Reverse Lip Liner.  And 2 full sized items in Essential Lip Color in Paris and Swimmables Eye Pencil in Black Sea.
~I actually haven't tried anything from this kit yet, but the lipstick swatched as easily as Dubai from my February purchases.  It also looks just as moist and creamy in the swatch.

I'm decently happy with my purchases during March.  I do wish that the bronzer wasn't so sensitive to build-up; hopefully once I get it all scraped I'll like it better and rather than use the same brush for both blush and bronzer use one dedicated solely to this bronzer.  Picky, picky.  It will be interesting to see how much the lip primer helps lipsticks last, as well as how the liners and mascaras are.  I'm not sure if I'll open one of these mascaras sooner, or stick to using up older unopened mascaras first.

Do you have a favorite polish from butter LONDON?  And let me know if you prefer haul pictures on the lighter blue or black (this post has both)!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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