Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild The Style Award Goes To...Palettes

**all items purchased by me

Yesterday I got home later than expected and wiped out.  It was just one of those days where I woke up tired, didn't feel the best throughout the day, and wasn't up to focusing on any particular task by the time I got home.  But today I did better so tonight I finally got my swatches done for the 2 Wet 'n Wild The Style Award Goes To... eyeshadow palettes.  Just don't mind any lingering red streaks on my hand that may have ended up in the pictures.  Anyway...this is the follow-up post to the polishes that are a part of the same limited edition collection that I've seen at KMart and Walgreens (not sure about other drug stores since I've been avoiding them lately in an effort to cut back on purchases).  The palettes are $4.99 each.  With each set of swatches, I've included some initial impressions based solely on swatching them on my hand.

I've read some comments on other blogs that these seem to similar to last year but I don't think they are similar at all.  Check out last Spring's 8-pans here if you'd like to be reminded of the colors.  For some reason I didn't do swatches, but I do have close-up shots of the palettes.

These 2 palettes are in the same display as the polishes:
The 2 palettes together (I had already put my battery on the charger when I realized I didn't have my regular "haul" shot):
 Flirting at the After Party and Walking the Red Carpet
Let's get to swatches, shall we?  After trying to swatch these on fairly dry skin, I decided to apply lotion before doing final swatches and pictures - almost like a primer, which I always recommend using to make colors show up their best and last their longest.  The lotion really helped the shades show up as well as they did (dry hands was not good at all).  First up, Flirting at the After Party.
~I had to circle the 2 browbone colors since they are pale enough that they blend in with my skin
~the right browbone shade, while it looks just like a peach, it does have a bit of a hidden orchid cast to it
~the left browbone shade is sheer; it took a lot of building just to get it to show up as much as it did
~there's a very slight silver sparkle in the left eyelid color, but overall the palette has a satin to matte look
~Overall, not bad but the 2 middle purples on the left took a little more building out of the darker shades
~browbone shades above (peachy) and below (gray-lavender) watermark~

 Now for Walking the Red Carpet
~once again, I circled the 2 browbone colors since they are so light in tone, as is my skin
~no secret surprises in the colors like the peachy shade in the Flirting palette
~the left eyelid color is a light color shade-wise but I think it will show up decently on the lid, but for the swatch I did have to build it up a bit
~the right eyelid color feels the driest in texture out of both palettes, but it still swatched fairly smooth
~this palette has 2 metallic shades (right side eyelid and crease) and the right definer has a slight gold sparkle, but the rest of the palette has a satin look and feel.  The right eyelid, while metallic looking, also has some gold glitter to it so a primer/sticky base definitely will help that shade in regard to fallout
~Overall, this palette swatches better than Flirting
~browbone shades above (pinky-peach) and below (vanilla) watermark~

I haven't used these on my eyes yet since I wanted to get good pictures of the palette and swatches done first, but now I'm ready to start playing!  I do feel like Walking the Red Carpet might be better for golden/bronzey summer and Fall looks more so than the coming into the Spring season.  But Flirting at the After Party has the Spring season colors covered.  As far as the fact that the browbone shades all took building up/layering for my swatches, they are all light shades in color which makes them easier to blend in with my skin; which means for me (and others as fair as I) they would work as highlight shades.  I hope that the various purple shades will actually show up fairly close to what's in the pan, especially once blended out.

Have you seen this new collection from Wet 'n Wild?  Planning on picking either up?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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