Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Computer Setup!!


I feel like I should be having a party!  If you missed my Facebook post Friday, the Mister bought me a new computer - total surprise to me! - and it has taken this long to get everything up and running.  The only hardware that hasn't been replaced is my monitor and speakers.  And I ended up with one of his monitors as my secondary screen since he doesn't use his desktop p.c. anymore.

As of right now, SkyDrive...I mean OneDrive... is currently syncing to the new computer so I'm hoping to be back to regularly posting again once that is completed - hopefully tomorrow.  It's taking some extra time to sync since I am still using a wireless internet connection, in a quite large house, so the signal isn't always the best.

The new computer also has a slot to be able to read the card for the camera he bought recently so my pictures will hopefully also be looking upgraded soon.  But since I have a lot in the "backlog" of files on my computer, there will most likely be a mix between new and old for a while.

I'm feeling so fancy and up-to-date with my new setup!  I can't wait to get to work!

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