Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hautelook Mini Haul - LORAC Little Lace Palettes

**all items purchased by me

I can't believe how busy I've been lately, and how quickly time is flying by.  Apparently I'm the official "shopping person" for the family so after I got my mom situated with what she needed for new clothing, I had to take my grandmother shopping for a new spring jacket...which is hard to find.  Then cleaning took over for the rest of the weekend (and since the Mister had taken Monday off, the weekend included Monday).  Technically it's Spring now so that means thinking about getting the gardens outside under control, but it just snowed today...again.  I guess more time to meditate on what we really want to do with everything.  Anyway, hopefully now I'll be able to get some time to myself to work on the blog.  Ideally I'd take a whole day and do nothing but edit pictures rather than do everything for each post in one sitting.

So while going through picture folders on my computer, I came across swatches of a couple of palettes I had ordered from Hautelook back in November.  Speaking of Hautelook and LORAC, LORAC is back on there right now (until Friday morning)!  There's a couple of things I'm eyeing and based on how much has already sold out I better decide quick.  But back to today's post.  I have a pair of Little Lace Palettes in Ravish and Smolder to share.
First up for swatches is Ravish, the warmer shades:
The bottom skin-tone colors are swatched on either side of my watermark - they are close enough to my skin-tone that they try to disappear
The colors all swatched pretty easily, not really needing much building - the 2 darker shades on the right are being washed out by the light

Now for Smolder:
Once again, the bottom lightest colors are swatched on either side of my watermark - they are close enough to my skin-tone that they try to disappear 
This set didn't swatch quite as well as Ravish but I still like it, and when I used brushes to make eye looks I was happy with the pigmentation

When these were on the site, they were being sold for $8 each, originally $12.   I think that this was an excellent deal for high-end/prestige eye shadows, especially since there are 8 shades in each palette ($1 per shadow?!?!).  The Hautelook price is actually cheaper than some drugstore eye shadows, especially if you purchase from Rite Aid/Walgreens/CVS.

Are you a fan of shopping on Hautelook?  Do you like LORAC eye shadows?  Anything else from the line?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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