Saturday, March 29, 2014

Revlon Elusive

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I felt like doing another nail post today, so I've got a mani that I'm happy with the way it looks in pictures.  In one of my previous posts I mentioned that looking at the mani pictures in my computer waiting to be posted, I wasn't happy with most of them.  But this one I like so I'm sharing it now, even though the polish was limited edition and now either hard to come by or no longer available.

This is 2 coats of Revlon Elusive, no top coat.  I don't remember if/what base coat I used.
Surprisingly, Elusive dried to a matte finish - no indication on the bottle of this.  This pretty matte black polish has teal hex glitters in a couple sizes, and maybe some tiny glitters that lean more blue.  It did dry with some lumps and bumps but nothing annoying enough to want me to layer on topcoat to smooth it out.  Most likely when I was applying, I let the first layer dry completely before going on to the second layer.  I don't think this had the best wear time, but this was before I started using Orly Bonder which has helped many of my polishes hold on to my temperamental nails much better.
I believe this was a limited edition shade that came out in the Evening Opulence Collection from Fall 2013.  But when I put it into Google to get the collection name, in shopping results this is showing up on (as well as eBay).  For swatches of all the collection (there's also a couple of dupes in it!), check out Frazzle and Aniploish's post.  Now I need to go find some warm tea since it's snowing tonight - yes, at the end of March we have snow coming down.

Did you pick up Elusive when it was available in stores?  Would you wear it matte or add a shiny topcoat?

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Friday, March 28, 2014

The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Nude Eye Shadow Palette - Review

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I thought today I'd kind of combine a couple of posts - both a haul and a review.  I actually purchased my Meet Matt(e) Nude palette from the Balm off of Hautelook back in December.  As usual, running nice and late with my online order haul.  It sat waiting for me to have time to properly photograph and swatch it, and then those pictures sat on a memory card for a while.  But yesterday, I dumped the card onto my computer so here we are!
Swatches done with my finger, no primer/lotion.  These are all in order according to the palette:
Matte Singh - the peachy color (middle row, farthest right) took a little bit of building to show up on my skin, but with a brush on the eye it shows up well.  Matte Johnson (upper left corner shade) is a bit on the light side for being the darkest shade in the palette, but it does build up well to how much intensity you want.  If you're curious about the dark spot in the swatch of  Matt Hung (bottom right corner), I had a kitty scratch that was most of the way healed but not smooth yet.
The only shade that I thought had a bit of a chalky or powdery feel and look when swatching was Matt Malloy, the off-white (top right corner).  Nothing horrible, just something I noticed.  When used with a brush on the eye, the shadow behaves quite well.  All the others swatched very nicely with a buttery soft feeling.

As for the colors, the palette does have its fair share of warm-toned shades that I wasn't sure how I would use, but I've been watching a lot of YouTube tutorials where a warmer shade is used in the crease and/or as a transition shade so this palette is perfect for using with others that may need a blending shade.  And it's all matte shades!  Not always the easiest thing to find so that makes it the perfect piece to accompany so many other brands' shadow palettes.  The only shade I'm not sure I'll use is Matt Lombardi (center shade, bottom row) since it is fairly yellow.  I'll have to play around with it.

The quality is right on par with the other palettes from the Balm I have, which are Nude 'Tude and Meet Matt(e).  I'm definitely happy I jumped on this when I saw it back on Hautelook's site since the first time I had seen it I missed out on it.  If I wasn't in a shimmer mood, I'd be packing this just about by itself for an upcoming trip - I'd just need to add a skin-tone base shade.  The Balm is on Hautelook somewhat regularly, so if you like what you see make sure to jump on it!  Or there's always full-price on the Balm's site.

Do you have a favorite palette from the Balm?  Have you found any of the Balm's products at Kohl's (a more recent carrier in some areas)?  Suggestions on how to use the yellow shade?

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Rimmel Sweetie Crush Polishes

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Today I have the new, limited edition collection from Rimmel called Sweetie Crush for today's Spotted, Hauled & Swatched post...which I'm coincidentally posting for my unofficial "Textured Thursday" schedule that I was trying to get in the habit of doing.  I've seen this collection at Rite Aid and Giant Eagle (which is where I purchased mine from - fuel perks!); the display also had $1 off coupons so I grabbed one for each polish.  These are Rimmel's version of the textured trend and come in smaller bottles at 0.27 fl. oz. each.

As always, let's get started with the display picture:
All lined up at home:
Sherbet Sweetheart, Candyfloss Cutie (more pink in real life), Fizzy Applelicious, Violet Swizzle, Blueberry Whizz
Label/bottle shots:
Sherbet Sweetheart, Candyfloss Cutie (more pink in real life), Fizzy Applelicious
Violet Swizzle, Blueberry Whizz

And swatches, both on the wheel and on my fingers:
 Sherbet Sweetheart, Candyfloss Cutie, Fizzy Applelicious, Violet Swizzle, Blueberry Whizz
3 coats of each on the wheel (on my nails, however, a couple are 2)
2 coats of Blueberry Whizz on my thumb
3 coats of Sherbet Sweetheart on my pinkie
2 coats of Candyfloss Cutie on my ring finger
3 coats of Fizzy Applelicious on my middle
3 coats of Violet Swizzle on my index

I have a surprising favorite - Sherbet Sweetheart.  It has some extra interest with tiny iridescent hex glitters/sparkles while the rest are much more of a pearl shimmer.  It's also the only yellow in my textured polish collection, so it's a bonus that I like it so much.  As for wear time, my "skittles" was applied over Orly Bonder Wednesday night, and as of the time of writing this post (Thursday night), I have no tip wear or chips.  While I didn't wash my hair or dishes today, I did do laundry, straightened up/swept and washed makeup brushes.  Pretty good I'd say, at least so far.

As to how textured they feel, I would compare them to the Zoya PixieDust feel.  Definitely not scratchy at all, even Sherbet Sweetheart with it's glitters.  Application was nice as well.  The brush was easy to control and I barely had any clean-up to do.  Dry time wasn't too long either.  The colors in the collection are perfect for Spring - at least I think it's supposed to be Spring.

>>I'm going to have a part 2 to this post soon with some comparisons to other textured polishes I have in my collection.<<

Are you over the textured trend?  Or are you planning on getting any of these Rimmel Sweetie Crush polishes?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Topless & Barefoot with a Penny for Your Thoughts

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I thought today I'd share a "Spring-y" nail combo that I had on just about a year ago...oops.  Another one of those manis that never got posted when it should have.  I keep hoping for actual Spring weather around here, so maybe if I put more lighter/brighter polishes on it will trick me into thinking it's nice outside.  Or at least nicer.

This is 2 coats of Essie Topless & Barefoot over a ridge-filling base coat.  I don't remember if or what top coat was used.
As is my normal practice with Essie polishes, I paint medium-thick coats rather than the typical thin coats I use for other brands.  I think that it works better for me that way because of the skinnier brush.  The skinnier brush plus thinner coats, for me, always look streakier with Essie.  I believe that this polish is still available.  It's a nice simple nude creme polish.

Then I added a coat of Wet 'n Wild FastDry in Penny for Your Thoughts.
Wet 'n Wild Penny for Your Thoughts is a pretty sheer orange jelly loaded with holo hex glitters, metallic orange and holo tiny bar glitters and some shimmer sprinkled throughout.  Overall, a very cohesive look. Based on my pictures, this didn't dry with the shiniest of finishes but top coat would easily remedy that.  This polish came out in the Hot Rocks collection that came out last year in April.
I believe that a substitute would be Orly Right Amount of Evil from the Flash Glam FX line, if you can still find that.  As of right now, it is still listed on Orly's site.

I wonder if Wet 'n Wild is going to release another FastDry collection soon like they have for the last couple years?

Are you getting any Spring weather where you live?  Are you ready to bust out the Spring colors for polish, makeup and clothes?

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hautelook Mini Haul - LORAC Little Lace Palettes

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I can't believe how busy I've been lately, and how quickly time is flying by.  Apparently I'm the official "shopping person" for the family so after I got my mom situated with what she needed for new clothing, I had to take my grandmother shopping for a new spring jacket...which is hard to find.  Then cleaning took over for the rest of the weekend (and since the Mister had taken Monday off, the weekend included Monday).  Technically it's Spring now so that means thinking about getting the gardens outside under control, but it just snowed today...again.  I guess more time to meditate on what we really want to do with everything.  Anyway, hopefully now I'll be able to get some time to myself to work on the blog.  Ideally I'd take a whole day and do nothing but edit pictures rather than do everything for each post in one sitting.

So while going through picture folders on my computer, I came across swatches of a couple of palettes I had ordered from Hautelook back in November.  Speaking of Hautelook and LORAC, LORAC is back on there right now (until Friday morning)!  There's a couple of things I'm eyeing and based on how much has already sold out I better decide quick.  But back to today's post.  I have a pair of Little Lace Palettes in Ravish and Smolder to share.
First up for swatches is Ravish, the warmer shades:
The bottom skin-tone colors are swatched on either side of my watermark - they are close enough to my skin-tone that they try to disappear
The colors all swatched pretty easily, not really needing much building - the 2 darker shades on the right are being washed out by the light

Now for Smolder:
Once again, the bottom lightest colors are swatched on either side of my watermark - they are close enough to my skin-tone that they try to disappear 
This set didn't swatch quite as well as Ravish but I still like it, and when I used brushes to make eye looks I was happy with the pigmentation

When these were on the site, they were being sold for $8 each, originally $12.   I think that this was an excellent deal for high-end/prestige eye shadows, especially since there are 8 shades in each palette ($1 per shadow?!?!).  The Hautelook price is actually cheaper than some drugstore eye shadows, especially if you purchase from Rite Aid/Walgreens/CVS.

Are you a fan of shopping on Hautelook?  Do you like LORAC eye shadows?  Anything else from the line?

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Nordstrom Beauty Event Haul - I Got Fancy!

**all items purchased by me/
received as requested samples

I just got home from the beauty event at Nordstrom today so I thought I would share what all I bought (as well as what I got from there last month) and the products that were used on me.  I thoroughly enjoyed being pampered today - representatives for Clarisonic were there as well as makeup artists in full-force.  My skin got treated to the Clarisonic first, then my eyes got treated to the Clarisonic Opal for the first time.  Then skincare applied from my choice of line, which was Kiehl's.  That was followed up with full makeup application, and almost all the products used were Giorgio Armani.  When I got home, the Mister said he really liked the way that the foundation looked, so that's one that is being added to my list as a strong possibility to get (he didn't even mind the price when I told him).  I believe it was the Lasting Silk foundation with 'Luminessence CC' Color Control Bright Moisturizer SPF 35 #2 and Fluid Sheer in #4 under.  No concealer at all (what?!?! my skin is looking much better lately) and was set with Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting powder.  This combination really looks like skin, without the cakey look, although I do think my t-zone would benefit from a mattifying primer.  She also did my eyes, and of course lips and cheeks.

I did end up at Sephora when I was done at Nordstrom but only got samples of things.

So let's get started with what I got last month since that's what started this venture into...mmm, shall we say designer makeup.
 Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eye Shadow in #9 (Rock Sand, according to the site)
 Kiehl's samples:
jars: Blue Herbal Acne Toner (x5), clearly Corrective Daily Exfoliator, Rare Earth Daily Exfoliator (this might actually be the Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, just mis-labeled)
packets: Clearly Corrective White Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream (1), Creamy Eye Treatment (1), Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment (2), Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate (2)

So now let's see what I purchased today.  I did not include pictures of what the Mister requested, which was the Kiehl's Men's Starter Kit.  I also got him a couple of sample jars of the Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub.
Clearly Corrective Purifying Foaming Cleanser - 5.0 fl. oz. tube (going to try this with my Clarisonic Mia) and 
Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream - 1.7 fl. oz. jar (tried out & liked using packet from my last visit) 
Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion - 8.4 fl. oz. bottle (tried out & liked using 5 little sample jars from my last visit)

Kiehl's had a gift with purchase for the event:
  • Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate - 0.17 fl. oz. tube (have the 2 unused packets from last visit)
  • Midnight Recovery Eye - 0.1 fl oz tube
  • Super Multi-Corrective Cream - 0.25 fl. oz. (purple jar)
  • Midnight Recovery Concentrate - 0.06 fl. oz.
  • Ultra Gentle Cleanser -5 fl. oz tube
And I had to get one pretty, the lipstick that the artist used on me:
 Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Excess Moisture Rich Lipcolor in #305 Brick
The hand swatch is showing more orange than it is in real life - I just could not get the color corrected
The tube magnetically closes! Super neat (or maybe sometimes I'm just easily amused by things)

Now for my Sephora samples:
  • Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + in #30
  • Make Up For Ever Pro-Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation; the Make Up For Ever artists were there and one of them gave me "a couple" a.k.a. 8 for Light Complexion.
  • Tarte Maracuja C-Brightener Eye Treatment (better sized sample than last time I was at Sephora so I'll really be able to get a feel for it)
  • Cover FX CC Cream in N Light (I have samples of this from prior visit, I'm just trying to figure out what shade looks best)
  • Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream SPF 30 in Light to Medium (same as what came in the kit I bought; I figured I might as well get some more since I'm not ready to buy at the moment)
I really enjoyed my afternoon/evening there.  It was worth the 140 miles round-trip.  I truly do feel that with these Kiehl's items (and the Kate Somerville kit I got last month) I am getting so close to having the magic combo for my skin, both active breakouts and left over hyper-pigmentation marks.  Both the assistant beauty manager and makeup artist said that I basically have the left over marks with very little active breakouts.  I'm also happy that the makeup artist didn't feel the need to use concealer at all to cover any marks, which when I saw her in February she used a MAC concealer before any foundation so I do think my skin is getting there - finally!

Do you go to beauty events when they happen at department stores?  Do you have a favorite high-end/designer line?

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mysterious Curse with Monster Mash

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It's been a bit since I've done a nail post so I thought today would be a good day to share one...although going through my computer files I came across a lot that I really don't like the way they look in pictures.  Getting a new camera really changes your perspective on what you thought were good photos.  Maybe I should do a "recreate mani month" for April where I go through and re-do all my manis that I never posted.  That idea's got potential; I'd just have to get better at posting nail looks more timely.

Anyway...I came across a nice combo that was actually an idea I had done for my ABC challenge but didn't like it enough to use it then.  This actually looks like it could have been perfect to wear on St. Patrick's Day.

If I remember correctly, this is 2 coats of Orly Mysterious Curse over a ridge filler with Out the Door to speed things up.
I did end up using Mysterious Curse for the challenge under a different polish, so if you want to read my thoughts and review of it, then click here.

Moving on to the sparkle part of my mani.  On my ring fingers, I did a full coat of Orly Monster Mash.  On my thumb I did a thick line going straight across, while on my index and pinkie fingers I did thick diagonal stripes and my middle got a thick line going straight down.
Orly Monster Mash (like all the other Flash Glam FX glitter toppers) needed a good shaking/mixing since the glitters settle during storage.  The base is ever so slightly tinted so it did darken the base polish a bit.  Its glitters are hex, tiny particles and small bars.
I'm not really sure what I was going for when I applied Monster Mash the way that I did.  I must have just felt like playing around.

Do you ever just play around with polishes but turn right around and take them off to do something else?

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sephora Haul - All Skincare Kits

**all items purchased by me/
received as requested samples

I thought that since I'm heading back up to the mall with Sephora and Nordstrom in it on Friday, I should share what I purchased last time I was there.  So let's travel back in time to February, Valentine's Day to be specific.  I'm going to share what I got at Nordstrom in it's own post, possibly later tonight.

At Sephora, I only purchased 3 items total, but they were all kits so I got bunches of products to try.  Plus I got some more samples (of course).  I think the Mister figured I would buy something pretty like makeup or polish but instead I ended up with all skin products - always trying to find the magic combo!.  My one makeup purchase will be coming up in the Nordstrom post.

One of the sales girl's strongly recommended that I try the Kate Somerville Blemish Banisher Kit, which contains 4 products - one of which is full size

  • Oil Free Moisturizer, .5 oz jar - I do wish this was in a different packaging since I don't like sticking my fingers in it.  I don't notice anything particularly special about this moisturizer.
  • EradiKate Acne Treatment, 1 oz, full size - this bottle won't need to be replaced for a long time.  I don't see immediate results after 1 night, but I do see results. It is drying but I haven't noticed actual irritation from the dryness it leaves.
  • ExfoliKate Acne Clearing Exfoliating Treatment, .5 oz - this is the one product I have not tried from this kit yet.  When I do go to use it I'll have to remember to have "soft hands" as I tend to push too hard when using physical exfoliants.
  • Detox Daily Cleanser, 2 oz - I've used this the most and am considering purchasing in the future after I use up other cleansers (unless I come across something I like better).

Now on to the kits that I thought looked super interesting and a good way to experience lots of products.  The first one is Skin Bender Vol. 1, which includes some hand and body moisturizers/creams.  Since I really wanted to give the Kate Somerville kit time to work and see any results, I haven't used much from this kit yet, but I have used a couple things.
  • L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, 0.3 oz tube
  • Bliss High Intensity 24-'Heaven' Healing Body Balm, 1.9 oz tub
  • First Aid Beauty Ltd. Ultra Repair Cream, 1 oz tube - I've used this a few times and so far, I don't feel it's anything special; in fact, the first time I used it my hands were still dry immediately after applying.
  • Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash, 1 oz tube
  • Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial, 0.67 oz tube
  • Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream SPF 30 in Light-Medium, 0.5 oz tube - I've used this quite a few times and I like it a lot
  • Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream, 0.17 oz tube
  • Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation, 0.5 oz jar
  • Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil, 0.23 oz bottle
  • Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil, 0.5 oz bottle

And I also purchased the Skin cleanse Vol. 2, which includes masks.  I haven't really tried anything from this kit other than 1 item tried 1 time.  I hesitated on using the masks while my skin has been much drier and more easily irritated than normal; hopefully soon I'll be able to start playing with these products.

  • GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment, 0.3 oz tube
  • Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, 0.7 oz tube
  • Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling Gel, 0.5 oz tube (I also have a small sample of this from my December visit)
  • First Aid Beauty Ltd. Red Clay Deep Cleanser, 1 oz tube
  • Kate Somerville Skincare ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, .5 oz tube
  • Dr. Brand Pores No More Pore Refiner, .25 oz tube
  • Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 PA++, 0.33 oz tube
  • Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel, 0.5 oz jar
  • Dr. Jart Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm SPF 25, 0.33 oz tube - I've used this once, which was not enough to make an impression on me.
And my samples:

top row: Korres Greek Yoghurt Primer, Cover FX CC Cream in P Light-Medium, Cover FX Natural Finish Oil-Free Foundation in P20
bottom: Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial (also got a sample of this before I picked up the kit), Korres Greek Yoghurt Moisturizing Face Cream, DERMAdoctor DD Cream, Tarte Maracuja C-Brightener Eye Treatment

So even though I only bought 3 actual items, I ended up with lots of goodies to try.  Of everything that I've tried so far, only 2 items have impressed me enough to consider purchasing in the future.  The Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser and the Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream.  I've used a few other things a time or 2 but not enough to know if I like it enough to consider purchasing.  I did try the Detox Daily Cleanser with my Clarisonic one time and didn't really care for it that way, so I am looking for the ideal cleanser to pair with it.

Have you used any of the items that I have to try?  Do you like to buy large kits that include lots of brands/products or do you prefer just to try one new thing at a time?  What's your favorite gentle cleanser to use with your Clarisonic (if you have one)?

**all items purchased by me / received as requested samples
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild The Style Award Goes To...Palettes

**all items purchased by me

Yesterday I got home later than expected and wiped out.  It was just one of those days where I woke up tired, didn't feel the best throughout the day, and wasn't up to focusing on any particular task by the time I got home.  But today I did better so tonight I finally got my swatches done for the 2 Wet 'n Wild The Style Award Goes To... eyeshadow palettes.  Just don't mind any lingering red streaks on my hand that may have ended up in the pictures.  Anyway...this is the follow-up post to the polishes that are a part of the same limited edition collection that I've seen at KMart and Walgreens (not sure about other drug stores since I've been avoiding them lately in an effort to cut back on purchases).  The palettes are $4.99 each.  With each set of swatches, I've included some initial impressions based solely on swatching them on my hand.

I've read some comments on other blogs that these seem to similar to last year but I don't think they are similar at all.  Check out last Spring's 8-pans here if you'd like to be reminded of the colors.  For some reason I didn't do swatches, but I do have close-up shots of the palettes.

These 2 palettes are in the same display as the polishes:
The 2 palettes together (I had already put my battery on the charger when I realized I didn't have my regular "haul" shot):
 Flirting at the After Party and Walking the Red Carpet
Let's get to swatches, shall we?  After trying to swatch these on fairly dry skin, I decided to apply lotion before doing final swatches and pictures - almost like a primer, which I always recommend using to make colors show up their best and last their longest.  The lotion really helped the shades show up as well as they did (dry hands was not good at all).  First up, Flirting at the After Party.
~I had to circle the 2 browbone colors since they are pale enough that they blend in with my skin
~the right browbone shade, while it looks just like a peach, it does have a bit of a hidden orchid cast to it
~the left browbone shade is sheer; it took a lot of building just to get it to show up as much as it did
~there's a very slight silver sparkle in the left eyelid color, but overall the palette has a satin to matte look
~Overall, not bad but the 2 middle purples on the left took a little more building out of the darker shades
~browbone shades above (peachy) and below (gray-lavender) watermark~

 Now for Walking the Red Carpet
~once again, I circled the 2 browbone colors since they are so light in tone, as is my skin
~no secret surprises in the colors like the peachy shade in the Flirting palette
~the left eyelid color is a light color shade-wise but I think it will show up decently on the lid, but for the swatch I did have to build it up a bit
~the right eyelid color feels the driest in texture out of both palettes, but it still swatched fairly smooth
~this palette has 2 metallic shades (right side eyelid and crease) and the right definer has a slight gold sparkle, but the rest of the palette has a satin look and feel.  The right eyelid, while metallic looking, also has some gold glitter to it so a primer/sticky base definitely will help that shade in regard to fallout
~Overall, this palette swatches better than Flirting
~browbone shades above (pinky-peach) and below (vanilla) watermark~

I haven't used these on my eyes yet since I wanted to get good pictures of the palette and swatches done first, but now I'm ready to start playing!  I do feel like Walking the Red Carpet might be better for golden/bronzey summer and Fall looks more so than the coming into the Spring season.  But Flirting at the After Party has the Spring season colors covered.  As far as the fact that the browbone shades all took building up/layering for my swatches, they are all light shades in color which makes them easier to blend in with my skin; which means for me (and others as fair as I) they would work as highlight shades.  I hope that the various purple shades will actually show up fairly close to what's in the pan, especially once blended out.

Have you seen this new collection from Wet 'n Wild?  Planning on picking either up?

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Stash Sharing - Claire's Polishes

**all items purchased by me

Boy I've been busy the last few days.  My mom has decided that she needs at least part of a new wardrobe and that I'm her "stylist" so she has kept me busy driving to various stores that might have what she's looking for.  So while this did effect my blogging time, I think that mentally I needed a bit of a break in order to get re-motivated and re-inspired.  I do have one more afternoon/evening to assist her tomorrow, but hopefully between the time I get up and when I have to get Tomo to his follow-up vet visit in the mid-afternoon I'll be able to get a post at least started if not finished to get back on track.  I've got several Spotted posts that need to be done sooner rather than later.

Anyway...since today's Sunday, it's time for Sunday Stash Sharing.  This week I decided to revisit my polishes from Claire's.  For my previously shared polishes from there, you can click here.  I haven't purchased a ton since that sharing, but there is definitely enough to warrant this new installment.

For my first trio, I have 3 of the polishes from the Splatter line (click for swatches):
Splatter Paint, Flashing Lights, Paparazzi
 And my other 3 polishes:
 Under My Wing, Confetti, Midnight Express
Under Wing is a feather polish with turquoise blue and silvery-white tiny bar glitters in clear
Confetti is combination of white feathers (teeny tiny bars) and multi-colored hex glitters in clear
Midnight Express is a deep navy, probably a jelly finish although it's hard to tell since it's so dark, with holo particles

That's all of my Claire's polishes, for now.  Lately I haven't found any that I really want from there but that's alright.  I believe that I still saw the Splatter line, as well as the Feather line, in stores (maybe even the others?) if you see any you would like to have in your collection.  Next week I'll start my polishes from Icing.

Do you have any of these polishes?  What would you wear under the various glitter toppers?  And of course, if you'd like to see any of these on my nails soon, just let me know!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliatd