Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Nails

**all items purchased by me

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Valentine's Day!  I got to go shopping up at Sephora, which to go to that particular location is an hour long drive...but that's all right.  I'll have a haul coming up soon of what I got while I was at the mall.  So even though I spent the evening away from the Mister, I really enjoyed myself (he was busy anyway).  I'll even be going back next month for a beauty event inside of Nordstrom - if we had that store close to where we live I would be in ~trouble~ since the Georgio Armani pretties drew my eye today.

Anyway...on to the post.  Normally for Fridays I've been trying to do a review of some sort but I decided that for today, I wanted to share what's currently on my nails.  I ended up going for a classic red nail, but then jazzed it up.

I used my Orly Bonder for a base coat.  Then I applied 2 coats of butter LONDON Knees Up.  I put a coat of NYC Grand Central Station quick dry over my ring and thumb nails, leaving the rest to dry on their own.
butter LONDON Knees up is a beautiful metallic red.  Nice and simple, but gorgeous.  For being a mini, the brush was easy to control with little cleanup necessary.  Just for a little entertainment, according to the butter LONDON's Dictionary, Knees Up is "Brit slang for a drunken party."  A bit ironic for me since I think I only have about 3-4 alcoholic drinks over the course of an entire year.
Please note, I am not able to comment on the application/formula of this particular polish since when I got it, it was evaporated to the point of not being usable.  I restored it using nail polish thinner (a pretty old bottle of Gena brand from Sally's).  If you'd like, you can click here to see how it looked when I took the polish bottle out of the set it came in.

For some pretty "love" on my nails, I decided I wanted some heart accents - but not using a glitter polish made up of hearts.
So for my ring fingers, I used a piece of painters tape and a heart-shaped hole punch.  When Knees Up was dry (about 20 minutes) I put on the tape and then dabbed on Nicole by OPI Lips Are Dripping Honey.  I thought about doing the same thing for my thumbs, but decided to challenge my artistic side a bit.  I free-handed on the hearts using the same glitter polish.  I was concerned about how thick looking the base of the glitter was looking by the time that I got enough glitter to suit me, but as it dried the pile shrunk/evaporated to the point of being almost smooth.  I used no quick-dry for that; I just waited (and waited...and waited).
Nicole by OPI Lips Are Dripping Honey is from the new Carrie Underwood collection, of which I believe only half of the rather large collection have hit stores so far.  I've only purchased this one as the rest seemed fairly similar to what's already in my collection.  Anyway...this is a rather unique polish (or at least I think it is) in that it is gold holographic hex glitters with a generous helping of gold holographic particles in a clear base.  When you move it around you see all kinds of colors flashing off the glitters.  From the little I've used this, it seems like the base is a pretty good thickness - not overly thick or thin/runny - but I'll be able to tell better once I swatch this on a nail wheel...or all over my nails.

I'll have to do a better post for Lips Are Dripping Honey since I only used it as accents.  I'm not sure how limited edition the Carrie Underwood collection is, or if it's going to be like the Selena Gomez & Modern Family collections where they eventually made it to the core line-up on the wall at various least for a year or so.  But since I think I remember reading on their FaceBook page that the collection will be released in two sections over the year, it may indeed be limited edition.  There is one more polish I definitely want - the one with the flower glitters, but I haven't seen it come out yet.

What did you have on your nails for the holiday of love?  Do you prefer to free-hand art or do you use stamps or stencils?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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