Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Too Dimensional?

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I thought today I should share a nail post since it seems like all I've been doing lately is hauls of some sort.  I was originally thinking I would do Textured Thursday (or Tuesdays) but so far, that hasn't happened.  Oh well.  One of these days/weeks I'll get a better schedule figured out.

Anyway, on to today's nail pretty!  Today I've got L'Oreal Too Dimensional over a base of Orly Bonder.  This is 2 coats of easy application, with little to no clean up needed.  I do like the shape of the L'Oreal brush.
~all pictures taken by the window on one of the brighter days (which I really wish would come back...)~

Too Dimensional is a pretty blue-based violet with golden shimmer and silvery-violet hex glitters.  The golden shimmer lends the polish a bit of a duo-chrome look to it depending on the angle.  I really like this one and love the fact that when L'Oreal did their textured collection, they really went for it and did extra-interesting polishes.
I believe I took these pictures after Too Dimensional had been on my nails for a day or 2, so that's why there's a bit of tip wear (less than usual thanks to Orly Bonder!).
~You can really see the golden shimmer in the bottle in the lower left corner of the collage~

Not sure what's up with the question mark in the name of the polish...  As for the collection, it seems like I saw or read somewhere that the Gold Dust collection is going to be added to the core line.  But I always forget to double check in stores if that's true or not.

Did you get any of the L'Oreal texture polishes?  Do you care for texture or prefer smooth polishes?

**all items purchased by me
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