Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tantalize with Sugar N Spice plus some lovely Plumeria Nails

**all items purchased by me

I thought today I'd share a fairly recent (end of January) nail combination I wore and really loved while it was on.  At first I couldn't get the thought of gray and blue out of my mind using one of the colors diagonally across my nail...but then I told myself I needed to step away from the blue polishes since I felt like (in real life) most of my recent manicures have had blue polish of some shade.  Then my eyes caught sight of Salon Perfect's Plumeria sitting on top of my drawers waiting to be put away and knew that I wanted to play with it.  But I still was craving some gray so I knew that as long as I used the right tone of gray, they would pair together nicely.  As far as picking the colors to go with Plumeria, I went to Sinful Colors since that's actually the brand that I have pretty much every color of the rainbow - and then some - in all types of warm/cool shades with various undertones and finishes.  It's also been quite a while since I've worn any from the brand.

On to the nails!  2 coats of Sinful Colors Tantalize over a base of Orly Bonder, no top coat
Sinful Colors Tantalize (limited edition from the Valentine 2013 Kiss and Tell collection) is a nice bright silver-gray polish with a bit of a frosty/pearly finish.  After I did the first nail I was mindful of how I polished so that all my brushstrokes would be nice and straight - especially on the second coat.  I'm not sure I would wear this on it's own, but I do think it would quite nice paired under various shades and shapes of glitters.
Next I did free-hand diagonal color-blocking with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Sugar N Spice, again no top coat.  I do wish my lines had been more uniform as far as the starting and finishing points across all my nails...and I hadn't started quite so high.  At least I did get them pretty straight, for the most part.
Sinful Colors Sugar N Spice (limited edition, Spring 2013 Sugar Rush collection) is a pretty blue-based bright pink with a touch of shimmer.  But for the most part, it reads as a creme since the shimmer hides so much.  For being as bright of a color in the bottle, I was surprised it took 2 coats to get it looking nice and even over Tantalize.  I actually held my nail up to the new shade, Pink Poppys from the Mod in Bloom collection (currently at Rite Aid) and it looked like it was pretty much the same color (maybe Pink Poppys doesn't have the slight shimmer?).  It's not a unique shade, but still super pretty.
And for the eye-catching polish I really wanted to use, 2 coats of Salon Perfect Plumeria.  Again, free-handed to complete the very deep chevron tip.  I did finish this all off with a coat of NYC Grand Central Station Quick Dry.  I used the NYC because I had read in the comments on Nouveau Cheap's blog quite a while ago that this one doesn't dull the holo effect.
Salon Perfect Plumeria is a gorgeous magenta pink that is slightly sheer and absolutely loaded with holographic sparkles that just love to shoot of multi-colored goodness.  Absolutely in love with the color!  This polish looked good in pretty much every lighting condition (except no light, of course).  I think if you wanted to wear it on it's own then you would need 3 coats to cover your nail line, or use a base color of some sort.  What it's layered over does change the final look of Plumeria slightly (you can see that a bit in the top left corner of the following label shot picture).
I believe Plumeria is now part of the core line of Salon Perfect polishes at Walmart.  I definitely suggest picking it up if you like intense pink and/or holographic sparkles to brighten your day.

I put this manicure on January 30th and took this next picture on February 3rd.  You can see I did experience tip shrinkage on the majority of my nails.  I'm pretty sure I wrapped the top coat over my free-edge.  As for chips, this wore well for about 4 days - almost a record for my nails that don't like to stick to hardly anything.  And even when it started to chip (on my dominant, left hand) it wasn't bad - just one finger - so I kept it on through some cleaning after the chip just to keep my nails more protected.  I think that's pretty good wear for being 6 coats of polish over a good portion of my nails, plus base and top coats.

I think that this color combination would be perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday.  I was pretty sad when it was time to take this of since I loved seeing the holo sparks of Plumeria staring up at me.  As I'm finishing this post, I'm itching to play with Plumeria more over different base colors, but I'm in the middle of a different mani right now so that will have to wait for another time.

Do you think you'll pick up Plumeria?  Do you have anything planned for Valentine's Day?  Special mani, makeup look, outfit for going out anywhere?  Or just staying in?

**all items purchased by me
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