Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Stash Sharing - Salon Perfect Love Lashes Lacquer and Others

**all items purchased by me

Time for the weekly installment of Stash Sharing!  This week is the remainder of my Salon Perfect collection.  Salon Perfect is only available at Walmart and retails for less than $4 a bottle.  Unfortunately, I have noticed that when they put out a limited edition collection, it is truly "limited" in that it doesn't go to all Walmart locations.  I think I've figured out which location I need to go to in my particular area to score any l.e. polishes.  Salon Perfect is under the China Glaze empire, so there's potential dupes between the brands, but Salon Perfect also does it's own thing as well.  As always, if there's a post with any of these on my nails, I've provided a link.

So let's get started with my most recent polishes and then work backward.  This first group just recently had their appearance on the blog with their very own dedicated post - the Love Lashes and Lacquer collection.
Touchy Feely, Hearts A Flutter, Loves Me Loves Me Not 
~swatches of all 3 on both the wheel and my nails at the link above the picture~
~Touchy Feely is black and white while Loves Me Loves Me Not is black and pale pink~

Next I have one lonely, lovely holo glitter from the core line-up:

And finally, I have a few miscellaneous polishes from past limited edition releases.
Fire & Ice, Raisin the Roof, Star Light Star Bright
Fire & Ice is primarily red glitter with slightly larger silver glitter thrown in, not gold
Star Light, Star Bright is a couple different shades of blue glitter, plus silver - all in the same size

~Fire & Ice - bought in early 2013, but can't find any info on it online
~Raisin the Roof is from the First Look Fall Polish Forecast collection (11 shades + matte top coat) - 2013 
~Star Light, Star Bright is from the (dupe of China Glaze Dorothy Who?, possibly permanent but I found mine in a separate shelf display) 

Do you have any favorite Salon Perfect polishes?  Let me know if you'd like to see any of these on my nails soon!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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