Saturday, February 15, 2014

Spotted, Hauled...most, & Swatched - L.A. Girl Splatter Collection

**all items purchased by me

The L.A. Girl Splatter collection has finally made it's way to the top of my posting list.  Yay!  This collection is a hot seller currently at Rite Aid.  I had actually found 2 of the colors from the collection randomly at a craft store last year, then last month came across the full display.  Over time, I've ended up with 6 of the 8 polishes from the collection.  These are all white glitter with a color.

Let's get started with the display, shall we?
 And these 2 are the ones I did not get:
Sparkle (gold and white) and Spotted (black and white)

~looking at my pictures, I still might snatch up Sparkle if I come across it again
~I already have at least 2 black and white glitters that have similarly sized glitters (as well as some with larger) so I figured that I didn't need that one

On to the ones I did get, starting with the oldest ones first:
Spatter - bright baby blue with some slightly holo blue pieces - (image from my Instagram account), purchased in late October
Splat - orange - (image from my Instagram account), purchased in mid-December
(also shown, China Glaze Marry A Millionaire)

Now for ones I purchased from Rite Aid, which I bought in 2 separate pairs:
Sprinkle (pink) and Sputter (purple); Speckle (metallic red) and Splash (aqua)

Label and bottle shots:
 Splat, Spatter, Splash
Speckle, Sprinkle, Sputter

And swatches - just on the wheel today:
Splat, Spatter, Splash, Speckle, Sprinkle, Sputter
Speckle is one coat, the rest are 2

I've only managed to get one of these on my nails so far and I really enjoyed how it looked.  I can't wait to play with these more.  Speckle is a little different in that the red glitter is shiny metallic while the rest of the colors look to be either matte or satin finish.  The white glitters are all matte.  One of the best things about this brand is the price - $2.99, sometimes on sale for 2 for $5 (or maybe that 2 for $5 is just for the core colors installed on the wall).

Do any of these look like they are dupes to other brands' take on this trend in glitters?  Are you planning on picking up any of the L.A. Girl Splatter glitter polishes?  What would you wear under the various glitter colors?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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