Monday, February 10, 2014

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection!

**all items purchased by me

I'm finally getting this post up!  It only took me a week (or so).  Hopefully, if any interest you, Sally's will still have them in stock...or there's always online.  As of now, I haven't seen the collection at Ulta.  I first saw some press info on a couple other blogs, but no one really had any swatches up before I came across the display at Sally's.

So let's get started with the display picture:
 only 2 of each shade, which stinks...

I ended up purchasing the full collection over 3 different visits:
Sand Dolla Make You Holla, Teal the Tide Turns, Wish On A Starfish
 Tail Me Something
 Shell We Dance? and Seahorsin' Around
~my camera's making Shell We Dance? looks like it has orange to it, but it doesn't

Label and bottle shots (Tail Me Something is up above):

And now swatches.  Once again, I did these on my nails as well as on my wheel:
Seahorsin' Around, Teal the Tide Turns, Tail Me Something, Sand Dolla Make You Holla, Wish On A Starfish, Shell We Dance
Seahorsin' Around and Shell We Dance? are 2 coats
the other 4 are 3 coats (although Tail Me something didn't really need the 3rd)
upper picture: 3 coats of Teal the Tide Turns, 2 coats of Tail Me Something, 3 coats of Sand Dolla Make You Holla, 2 coats of Wish On A Starfish
bottom picture: 2 coats of both Seahorsin' Around and Shell We Dance? (Shell We Dance isn't quite that dark in real life but my red-from-being-cold-too-long fingers threw off my camera) - these 2 both look like they have a touch of silver to the sparkles

>>EDIT:  Seahorsin' Around is a bit of a stainer!! So wear a good base coat under.  For my swatch I didn't since I didn't plan on having it on long - it ended up being a little over 24 hours and my 2 nails are now a bit on the blue side.  Not horrible, but it looks like my nail beds are lacking in circulation. <<

The "oops":  Teal the Tide Turns had the worst formula out of the collection for me - the first coat was extremely uneven for both pigment and texture particles, the second was a little better but not suitable for a finished look so the 3rd coat was absolutely necessary.  The metallic sparkles are probably where the "teal" of the name comes from since the rest of the color looks more minty.

My 2 faves:  The white Sand Dolla Make You Holla is very, very sheer but so pretty with the multi-colored glitter particles - blue, pink, silver - mixed in with the white particles.  This one reminded me of those "funfetti" cake  mixes.  At 3 coats you can still see my nail line, but that's all right with me.  If that really bugs you, you could probably layer it over a nude or white creme polish.  I bet this would work for layering over other textures for a custom textured polish as well.  I also really love the color of Wish On A Starfish - primarily a nice pale bubblegum with lots of golden shimmer!  It reminds me of a Lancome eye shadow I have and love. :-)

I haven't compared any of these to my texture swatch wheels yet, but I don't believe any of these are dupes of ones I have from other brands.  I also can't comment as to how the formula of these are compared to last year's China Glaze textured collection since matte textures have little appeal so I passed on those.  As to how these feel to the touch, I would compare them to OPI Liquid Sand/Nicole by OPI Gumdrops - Zoya's PixieDust feel a tiny bit smoother.

Have you spotted this collection yet?  Plan on getting any?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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