Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sally's Beauty Supply Haul!

**all items purchased by me

I thought today I'd share the majority of what I've bought from Sally's Beauty Supply since just after Christmas.  Who knows, some of these things might still be in the clearance bin and through tomorrow, Sally's is doing their extra 50% off clearance prices.  I haven't gone yet (and tomorrow depends on how much snow we get overnight).  I have bought another group of polishes, but those will be getting their own post soon.  There's also a series of one-day sales going on at Sally's with different things each day (click the link to go to ->>Sally's Deal of the Day -<< page).

This first group was from the day after Christmas when they had 50% off clearance prices (that sale is dangerous for the wallet!)
Calcium Builder Fortified Nail Builder, Sally Girl Silver Glitter, China Glaze mini Fairy Dust, Sally Girl Matte Top Coat
I'm always trying to find the perfect treatment for my nails to help them through this extra dry winter - the same nail keeps cracking across in almost the same spot so getting new growth/length is hard.  I'm also curious if this would help my mom's nail where it splits vertically down the nail length.

Now for a recent purchase.  I took advantage of a one-day sale (February 3rd) at Sally's that was on makeup and got one clearance polish:

 Finger Paints Golden Kisses (from the 2013 Holiday Love Affair collection) - textured finish
Femme Couture Eternal Color (lids are next to their appropriate jar)
top row in upper picture: Sapphire (bottom left picture), Aquamarine (bottom left above Sapphire)
bottom row in upper picture: Smoky Topaz (bottom right), Pyrite (bottom right above Smoky Topaz)

The one-day sale was buy one get one free on all makeup, so it was the perfect time to try these Infallible-esque eye shadows.  I haven't had an opportunity to wear these yet, but all the shades have some sparkle to them, and maybe even a little touch of duo-chrome-ness to Aquamarine.

Have you gone to Sally's Beauty Supply this weekend for the 50% off clearance prices sale?  Pick up anything fun?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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