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Project "Finish This Stuff," part 28 - January 2014

**all items purchased by me

~~This was supposed to go up yesterday, Feb. 1 but I had major technical difficulties~~

The first month of the new year has quickly come and gone which means it's time to do a Project "Finish This Stuff" update.  I'm having a hard time believing that January has already run away, but even in the speedy month, I managed to get some things finished.  Yay!

Let's get started with hair products, shall we?
Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Damage & Color Repair Shampoo - bought the full size from Walmart.  I really did enjoy using this shampoo.  I got started on it last year with a group of samples that I had received in the mail and was impressed with it enough to buy the full size bottle.  For the first 6 weeks, I really noticed that I wasn't having nearly as many split ends, but as I was in the second 6 week period (that's how long I go between hair cuts) I started noticing a few more split ends than I had for a long time.  By the time the end of the bottle came I was ready to alternate off to something else.  Maybe my hair had just gotten used to it and needed a break.  I will probably repurchase after I finish my current bottle (different brand) and then just alternate between what line I use.
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner - bought from Walmart.  This was the first deep conditioner I ever used and I really liked the way that if left my hair feeling.  I didn't use it regularly, mainly when I noticed that my hair was feeling extra dry and prone to tangling.  It would immediately take away that feeling and my hair would go back to feeling silky.  I do have a different brand right now (that I don't care for the packaging of and don't notice that great of an improvement), but I will probably repurchase this when the time comes.
Equate Baby Shampoo - bought from Walmart.  This is what I use to clean my makeup brushes.  It works fairly well...sometimes it's a little hard to wash out all the way, and it doesn't get my foundation brushes clean on the first try.  I would like it if I was using some type of shampoo/detergent that was antibacterial.  But I have already repurchased as it works fairly well, especially for the price.  When I do really want antibacterial, I just grab a pump of my hand soap.

Moving on to skin care:
Dial White Tea & Vitamin E Antibacterial Hand Soap with Moisturizer - bought from Walmart/Giant Eagle.  Right now, this is my go-to soap for cleaning my hands.  It lathers well without drying my hands and has almost no scent.  It does finish rather quickly, but at it's price point, that's all right.  Will continue to repurchase.
Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion (sunscreen lotion) - bought from Ulta.  I did like this moisturizer.  It usually provided enough moisture, but on really dry days I did add in an extra serum underneath in addition to my normal one.  The only time I experienced any stinging was on those extremely dry days when I thought my skin was going to crack apart.  Even after this was on all day I didn't notice any extra/abnormal amount of oiliness in my T-zone.  I did not have this long enough to be able to see if it holds up well in the summer heat.  The one thing I did notice is that because of the packaging I had no idea I was running out until I barely had enough to apply one day; but I am fairly certain the packaging lets you get out all of the product.  I might repurchase in the future, but I bought a different brand to test out.  Also, this is a pricey moisturizer - $42, ouch.
Clean & Clear Night Soft Oil-Free Moisturizer - bought from Walmart (long ago - I believe this line is discontinued).  I forgot about having this moisturizer numerous times since I bought it, but I finally finished it.  I don't believe I used it on my face at all - I used it on my neck and upper chest for moisturizer at night.  I figured that since it was on the old side, that would be better than using it on my face.  It was an all right moisturizer, but nothing outstanding.  Won't repurchase - plus likely it's discontinued.

And I managed to finish one makeup item:
Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara (deluxe sample) - came in a gift with purchase.  I've already written a full review on this mascara, but to quickly sum it up, it's a decent mascara but I like others better.  If it comes in any other gift with purchase/beauty kit, I'll use it but wouldn't run out and purchase on it's own.

As always, I'm happy that I managed to finish this many products over the course of one month.  But I also wish that I had finished more, I just wasn't close enough on any other product.  Oh well.  More for February and the rest of the year to be included in Project Finish updates.  Now I'm going to go do my normal Sunday post so that should be up later.

Have you finished much this past month?  Are you going to make it a goal to purposefully use up anything in your stash that you are ready to see go?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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